Linon Triena Mission Back Folding Chair Review

Linon Triena Mission Back Folding Chair Review – Stylish Chair for Dining Table

Linon Triena Mission Back folding chairs will enhance your dining space with classic style and convenience.

You can use these chairs with any dining table that is standard height. These chairs fold quickly, making them easy to store away and bring out when guests arrive.

Linon Triena Mission Back Set of 2 Folding Chair, 17' w x 20' d x 36' h, Brown

They are user-friendly items and are easy to find in hardware stores and the Home Depot as well. Are you looking for a good folding chair? Start your list of options by reading this review of the Linon Triena Mission Back Folding Chair.

Linon Triena Mission Back Folding Chair
Set of 2. Rich Espresso Finish. Dark Brown Vinyl Padded Seat. Folds for easy set up and storage.

Features of Linon Triena Mission Back Folding Chair

  • Comes with lush Espresso finish
  • Includes vinyl padded seat of dark brown color
  • Can be folded for easier storage
  • Has front and rear supports for additional stability
  • Comes completely assembled


Owning a few folding chairs like the Linon Triena folding chair at home provides homeowners with the convenience of having additional seating for guests dropping by to say hello.

A folding chair is collapsible, lightweight, and portable.

A folding chair can be folded and stacked for storage when not in use, so the chair does not take up much of the available space in your home.

Folding chairs are typically used in churches, offices, schools, hospitals, and other agencies.

A folding chair made of wood such as the Triena is perfect for the home, particularly for get-togethers like backyard barbecues in the summer, birthday parties and game nights. Folding chair is a practical investment for homeowners who love having company in their house.

Wooden folding chairs are available in a nice selection of folding mechanisms and styles. The chair folds in a flat manner so it can be stacked and stored in the garage when not in use.

Contemporary versions of the chairs come with padding for backrests and seats to make sitting on them more comfortable for the user. Placed on the porch or patio for outdoor gatherings, they provide convenient seating for guests.

Linon Triena Mission Back Set of 2 Folding Chair, 17' w x 20' d x 36' h, Brown

Folding chair combines functionality and style too. You can tote them out when required and collapse them after the event. After that, you can stack and store them.

Now, when it comes to buying folding chairs, you have to consider some factors. First of all, you have to know the manner in which you want to use them.

Do you frequently invite friends and family over? If yes, then having several wooden folding chairs at home is a practical idea. You also have to take into consideration the wood’s texture. The Triena has a rich espresso finish that is elegant and eye catching.

This means it will complement your interiors perfectly and will suit the outdoors as well. It is ready for use at backyard parties and gatherings held not only inside the house, but also outside.

You have to make sure that the folding chair is easy to use as well. This product from Linon opens smoothly and can be collapsed easily as well. You will not have any problems folding and unfolding the whole item.

Linon Triena Mission Back Set of 2 Folding Chair, 17' w x 20' d x 36' h, Brown

You can find the Linon Triena Mission Back Chair on Amazon by clicking the link.

Another important thing that you have to keep in mind is the comfort factor. Quality chairs like the Mission are comfortable to sit on due to the added padding on the seat. The backrest has sufficient height and the seat has enough width.

Because the seat has cushioning on it, it is great for events that take long hours. You will stay comfortable throughout such events.

This particular model can provide additional pep to your home due to its lush finish. The wood frame comes with tireless classic Mission backrest.

The frame can be wiped clean easily and the vinyl seat will remind you of excellent leather materials. The supports at the front and rear give additional stability and it does not need assembly. In fact, the product comes completely assembled.

The chair performs well and will only take up a small space while it is folded up and kept. It folds nicely and is great for working, dining or whatever activity you are into.

The seat has sufficient width and legs are positioned perpendicularly. They are not slanted so tripping on them is not likely.


The Triena folding chair performs well and we did not see any drawbacks.


All in all, the Linon Triena Mission Back is an excellent buy in our opinion. It has great construction, is made from quality materials, comes with a padded seat and enough width for comfort and it has an appealing design made even richer with its Espresso finish.

It is great for homes and churches, schools, and other such areas. It is easy to clean and maintain, and it provides enough stability.

It is recommended for homeowners needing this type of folding chair that can be used with a dining table.

Another wooden folding chair is a Winsome wood folding chair. It is a traditional wooden folding chair suitable for outside use.

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