Mity-Lite Flex One Folding Chair Review

Urban living spaces in the 21st century have shrunk to accommodate just the bare necessities with furnishings that have adapted to this growing trends.

Inside these condominium and related showrooms, you would see folding furniture that collapses and folds much like the Mity-Lite Flex One Folding Chair. These decorations aim to save space and provide the same functionality as normal furnishings but with the advantage of being folded and compressed into a compact size for easy storage.

Benefits of Folding Furniture

Folding chairs, folding tables and even folding beds have spread across all platforms and are designed mainly for users that live in small spaces but other users can also use these pieces of furniture during camping, picnics, and barbecues.

Compared to traditional and standard furnishings, folding furniture is geared more towards saving space while maintaining an appreciable design.

Some of the benefits of owning folding furniture include:

  • Easy Storage. Foldable furniture can be compressed into smaller configurations that can literally be stored anywhere out of site. Some foldable furnishings can take two to three folds, depending on the space you would want to save or whatever makes sense.
  • Space Saver. The dimensions of foldable furniture are just a little over the standard measurements but it does not go over like traditional furnishings. Most foldable furniture is basic and comes without any other frills and attachments.
  • Sleek Design. Living in a modern world, inside a compact space, does not always mean you have to sacrifice class and design in order to fit everything in the space you are given. Majority of foldable pieces of furniture have sleek curves and come in modern designs that can instantly blend in with any architectural character that you can think of.
  • User-Friendly. Most foldable furnishings are user-friendly, you just simply fold it open and there you go. No special equipment or tool is necessary to maintain and assemble these furnishings.
  • Durable and Sturdy. Foldable furniture takes advantage of new steel rolling techniques and innovative materials to produce chairs and tables that can withstand the pressures of urban living. Backrests and seats are often made with tough plastic while the frames are mostly of high-grade stainless steel.

Features of the Mity-Lite Flex One Folding Chair

The Mity-Lite Flex One Folding Chair is one of the more modern folding chairs on the market and it comes with the following features:

  • Durable and Strong. This folding chair is made of polypropylene plastic that comes with a stainless, cold-rolled steel, making it durable and strong. The Mity-Lite folding chair is so strong that it actually is able to support weights of up to 1000 lbs at any given time.
  • Breathable Backrest and Seat. The seat and backrest come with a ventilated mesh design that flexes to the contours of each user, which effectively minimizes the pressure spots that can cause some discomfort.
  • Lightweight and Stackable. This folding chair weighs less than conventional upholstered chairs. Its 18-gauge steel frame is quite stable and betrays its frail looking appearance. The Mity-Lite folding chairs are also stackable for a more organized storing system.
  • Scratch and UV resistant. The finish of this folding chair is scratch-proof and it even makes the exterior of this folding chair resistant to harmful ultraviolet rays.


  • Wider and taller. This folding chair is wider and taller than most folding chairs, making it more capable of supporting bodies with a larger frame. The wide seat is also comfortable for bodies of all sizes as it gives more room to move around. The higher seat clearance also makes this chair perfect for taller users as it gives them enough leg room and will not strain their knees.
  • Comfortable to sit on. The ventilated mesh makes the chair comfortable to sit on and the breathable backrest ensures that sweat does not build up on your back and that airflow remains consistent. The polypropylene mesh molds into the contour of the user and removes unnecessary pressure points that is the source of discomfort.
  • Compact for easy storage. This folding chair folds into a compact size that can be stored under the bed, behind a door or inside a closet. Each chair can even be stacked with other Mity-Lite folding chairs for a more organized storage solution.
  • Flexible seating. The polypropylene mesh flexes around the contours of the user’s body, it’s like memory foam but stronger and sturdier.
  • User-friendly. This chair is user-friendly, you just need to flip the assembly and sit on it. No special tool is needed to assemble and maintain this chair.


  • Deforms after a time. The polypropylene mesh tends to get deformed over time especially if the material gets overextended and then left under the sun for too long. Extra care should be taken to make sure that the mesh seat and backrest last as long as the steel frame.
  • Not adjustable. As with most folding chairs, this one does not have the ability to be adjusted, by height or width, which can be difficult if the user is taller or wider than the assumed user of this chair.


This polypropylene and steel-framed chair offers more than just a foldable and modular chair. It is lightweight because of the nature of its materials, which is also durable and strong enough to carry around 1000 lbs.

The 18-gauge steel frame is sturdy and stable and the ventilated mesh allows for a comfortable and flexible seating experience.


The Cosco Vinyl 4-Pack Folding Chair comes close to the Mity-Lite folding chair with regards to simplicity and the dimensions.

The Cosco folding chair comes with a cushioned backrest and seat and the frame is made of double-reinforced steel. It is also lightweight and folds flat into a compact shape.

The Mity-Lite folding chair edges out the competition with its well-ventilated backrest and flexible seat which makes it more comfortable even with the cushioned seats of the Cosco folding chairs. The Mity-Lite can also support up to 1000 lbs which the Cosco cannot.


The Mity-Lite Flex One Folding Chair is taller and wider than most folding chairs which make things easier and more comfortable for users of any size.

The ventilated polypropylene mesh allows for better air circulation while the 18-gauge, cold-rolled steel frame provides stability and strength, although it does not show when you first look at the Mity-Lite.

The Mity-Lite is very sleek and lightweight and folds into a compact and stackable form which make this folding chair one of the best right on the market today.

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