The Best Canopy Chair to Keep You Comfortable While Camping

Looking for the perfect canopy chair can be quite a feat as you will have to spend time browsing reviews or jumping from one shop to another to check them out in person. 

Is there any person who’s not into camping? Just thinking of a campground makes me want to pack my camping gear and hit the road. It’s an ideal weekend getaway that promises to relieve your piled-up stress. And I say nothing can beat it, especially if your canopy chair has a holder for your favorite drink.

Criteria for the Perfect Canopy Chair

A long time ago, convenience was defined by pulling and pushing a log by the campfire. It’s a makeshift seat, as you’ve seen in movies. But since then, campfire seats have been revamped for more comfort and to accommodate almost every wish of campers.

Amenities included are:

  • Pillows
  • Coolers
  • Cupholders
  • Canopies (Yes, you read that right!)

It’s not only the amenities as even the designs and materials have been upgraded, too. Manufacturers have successfully incorporated rip-proof fabrics, frames are also sturdier, and overall quality has been enhanced more than two-fold. It has evolved a lot that aluminum folding chairs with webbing seem to be from ages ago.

While not all the add-ons it has received fall under the necessity category, upgrades make a difference while camping.

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Canopy chairs are equipped with overhead tarps. It’s pretty much a different take on baby strollers. And they share the same purpose: to protect you from UV rays. Sunshine stimulates the production of vitamin D and serotonin. However, who hasn’t heard too much exposure might lead to melanoma? And who says photosensitive people cannot join fun camping?

Having a canopy chair makes a lot of difference.

The things that you need to consider are the shape and measurement of a canopy. There are some canopies designed to protect you in a horizontal position. 

It’ll be useless in the hours when the sun moves in a direction and hits you with its rays directly. For that reason, I recommend looking for a canopy chair that features an adjustable tarp.

Some of them are even with an ultraviolet coating to reduce the damage of sun rays on your skin. It’s always a good idea to skim the specs and see if there are things to be done to retain its SPF.

You will also encounter models that have detachable canopies. It’s a feature that can be a blessing or a curse; it might not make it to your luggage if you don’t double-check.


Canopy chairs made with nylon and polyester are the best choices. They are thin and weigh less, but definitely not fragile. If you accidentally spill water on them, you don’t have to wait long for them to dry. 

Some chairs have also gone with mesh as an addition which I think is an intelligent decision. It makes up for the lost breathability due to using other materials.

I’d strongly suggest you take a closer look at the stitching, especially where the seat and the frames are connected. You don’t want your chair to suddenly collapse under your weight and make its way to the trash bin too soon. Don’t fall for good fabric but poor stitching.

If you’re getting a seat with cup holders, also do check the stitching around it. 

Based on my experience, your color options for camping chairs will be limited to earth tones and monochromes. But for beach chairs, you’ll have plenty of choices. It’s just how they are marketed.

Comfortable seating

Comfy is always the fashion of my people. I prefer a softer seat over a rigid one. One apparent reason is that it supports the back.

An armrest guarantees comfort, but a backrest can be an option. Ottomans are also comfortable with their own rights, and there must be something like a cooler that makes up for the lack of backrest. 

A cup holder is a basic necessity, in my opinion, as lounging all day will make you thirsty. Some chairs go over the top and are accessorized with insulated holders, bottle openers, and storage pockets. 


I believe that a good chair has to be lightweight. Of course, you’d like to be able to carry it around and change your seat’s location conveniently. You might be planning to sit all day, but you don’t have to be in the same spot throughout. 

The three best options are aluminum, steel, and a combination of them. Aluminum, of course, highlights lesser weight, while steel is known to offer more strength and durability. And if you could get your hands on both features, it’ll be worth celebrating.

Go for something that won’t bear you down. In my case, I’d go for a chair that weighs less than 15 pounds.

The weight capacity is also mentioned in the specs. It will tell you how strong the materials used in the frame are. 

A carrying bag also comes in handy. I think it’s a necessity for more accessible transport and storage, but a cord to wrap around a folded chair will also do the job.

Final Thoughts

My vote goes to a canopy chair that you can recline. I’d love to take a nap on the same spot where I’m seated. I don’t have to bother to stand up and find a more comfortable place to lie down.

I’ll also take a canopy chair with a wooden armrest because it can hold my drinks more securely. I don’t have to worry much about spilling my drink, and it didn’t really increase the chair’s weight.

Color choices are also one thing to check out because it’s the fun element. It’s good to get away from the mainstream colors of canopy chairs.

Hanging out at a campsite can be more indulging if you have a canopy chair. You can be seated comfortably while taking in the scenery in front of you. This shortlist of canopy chairs offers a choice for every budget.

Canopy chairs are also great for sports events. You can learn more about choosing a folding chair for outdoor sports event here.

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