Folding chairs are lightweight fixtures that can be folded to lie flat for easier carrying and storage. These items are usually affordable and they can be bought or rented. It does not take much to set them up since they are user-friendly furniture.

There are different ways to store them and this article will explain how to hang folding chairs on wall in case you live in an area with limited space.

Folding chairs are usually made from plastic, wood, metal or aluminum material. Some have cushioned seats for comfort.

Lots of homeowners have them around because they serve as extra seating for guests to sit on. When not in use, a folding chair can be simply folded up and stored in the garage or closet.

You will see lots of facilities using them such as hospitals, nursing homes and agencies that often organize meetings for work or for training seminars. These chairs do not weigh a lot so they are simple to adjust and reposition if need be. Schools also use folding chairs so students can have seats while attending assemblies or other such events.

Lots of corporations also use folding chairs since they can change an empty space into a corporate boardroom in just a few minutes. They serve as handy seating arrangement for a good number of individuals in a staff meeting.

Folding chairs are also very handy for big events such as parties, weddings, dances and receptions. Even though these chairs do not really cost that much, in case you need them for an event, you can easily rent several of them.

Steps on How To Hang Folding Chairs On Wall

However, if you have some at home, you may have had problems with storage if you live in an area with limited space. This is what you can do for hanging folding chairs on wall.

You can make a hanging chair rack for them. The procedure does not take many items and much time and it’s easy to do. It’s an affordable solution as well.

Step 1.

The first step you have to take is cutting the wooden supports. Purchase a 36-inch, 2 by 4 lumber board. Cut the board into 3 pieces with a hand saw or power saw.

Cut one segment into a 12-inch piece to serve as a cross beam. For the wall mount, cut another segment into 12.5 inches. The remaining 6-inch segment will act as the support for the cross beam.

Step 2.

Next, you have to find a wall stud. Use a stud finder to look for the stud or support beam at the back of a drywall. Because the rack will be clasping a reasonable quantity of weight, the drywall might not be capable of supporting the load. As soon as you find it, create a mark with a pencil.

Step 3.

Follow it up by marking the location. Get a position that does not need reaching too far just to position and take away the chairs. Do not position the rack too low or else it will take up lots of storage space.

Therefore, determine a good spot for the rack. Using a pencil, mark the folding chair height on the wall and line up the 12.5-inch wall mount in a vertical manner with the stud marking at a height you prefer.

Mark the wall at the mount’s topmost edge. Measure and pre-drill 3 holes with even spaces from each other in the wall mount center.

Line up the wall mount with the markings and utilize it as a guide to drill the 3 starter holes into the wall. Take away the wall mount after this step.

Step 4.

The next step you need to take for hanging folding chairs on wall is taking the 6-inch cross beam support segment and making a bevel cut on both of its ends so it fits evenly with the hanging wall mount segment and the chair support segment.

Use a hammer and 2 nails to fasten the cross beam support onto the wall mount. Position the cross beam on the cross beam support’s topmost bevel end. Hammer down 2 nails to position them jointly.

Step 5.

Position the chair rack against the wall and align it with the marks you made with the pencil. Use a power drill to fasten the rack on the wall with screws.

Put the weight of the rack to the test by applying pressure on it. When the rack is totally secure, position up to 5 chairs on the cross beam. You can choose to create more chair racks if you have a lot of folding chairs.

The racks will keep your folding chairs organized and stored neatly and they will not take up lots of room in your home anymore when not in use.