How Wide Is A Folding Chair? (Size Matters – Don’t Get Squeezed In)

When you’re a larger-than-life person, buying a WIDE folding chair is just a necessity. If you have a waist size greater than 40 inches, you will simply not be able to squeeze into a typical 15.5-inch wide seat. Depending on the folding chair model, you can see the size of the seat varies.

There is no standard width for folding chair seats. The width ranges from 15.5″ (39.5 cm) to 17.5″ (44.5 cm).

Ever wondered how wide is a folding chair before a purchase? Are there any oversized folding chairs for indoor and outdoor use?

Here you can find some tips on how to find the best folding chair for different occasions.

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Finding extra-wide folding chairs is hard. These kinds of products are meant to be easy to transfer, fold, and store, so they are also on a smaller side. From the chairs that you can use both indoor and outdoor, MityLite Flex One Folding Chair is the best choice with a seat that is 1.5 inches wider than usual.

Flex One Folding Chair, 4-Pack
Durable, lightweight, and comfortable mesh folding chair. Wide seat.

Are folding chairs firm enough for heavy and large people? Or do you always need to worry if that chair is too unsteady for you to sit down? Do you ever need to think if you are too heavy for that chair?

And if they are sturdy enough, do they have a seat that is WIDE enough to sit comfortably?

Folding chairs currently on the market typically have a weight capacity of 300-1000 pounds. This may be good enough for most of the users. You can read more about the weight limits here.

But, as these chairs are foldable and so light, there is an issue. It’s hard to find the one that’s STURDY and WIDE.

Folding chairs provide portability and versatility, BUT:

If you’re a big person, remember that folding chairs might have a great weight capacity, but their DIMENSIONS may not be ideal for you. Because folding chairs must be lightweight and easy to fold and store, their dimensions are limited.

To help yourself find the best folding chair, here are some things to consider.

1) Dimensions

Check out the information for the seat width to see if there is some difference between various models.

Most folding chairs have an overall width of about 18.5 inches and a seat size of about 16 x 16 inches.

Typical dimensions of a folding chair:

Width 18.5″, depth 19″, and height 29″.

This example is Flash Furniture HERCULES Metal Folding Chair:

Dimensions of Flash Furniture HERCULES Cushioned Metal Folding Chair

MityLite Flex One mentioned earlier has an overall width of 20 inches.

MityLite Flex One Folding Chair

In comparison with the width of typical dining chairs, these folding chair examples do not fall short. The width of the dining chairs ranges from 16 to 20 inches.

In these examples, the seat’s height from the floor is about the same as in the standard chair, 18 inches.

2) Material

Design is not only about looks, as it plays a role in the fixture’s dimensions.

  • Plastic chairs are typically narrower.
  • Resin chairs are the widest.

A folding chair has many MOVING parts and segments; that’s why the seat size is narrower than in the usual chair.

Here you can see a detail of the NPS 1200 Series Vinyl Upholstered Double Hinge Folding Chair.

Detail of NPS 1200 Series Vinyl Upholstered Double Hinge Folding Chair

3) Price of the product

While the price of a folding chair is not a big issue, as they are so affordable, it is still better to go for the best model that your money can buy. Do not always opt for the cheapest option.

Make sure that you check out some choices that fall inside your budget. Determine which model has quality materials and a wide enough seat for your needs.

4) Brand

Some brands are better than others, and this is always true. There are reasons why a specific brand fares better than the other.

Before you choose a brand, make sure that you do some research on it first. You can do this by looking at the reviews of products that the brand offers.

If a specific item has gathered plenty of positive reviews about the seat size and sturdiness, then you can put that product into consideration.

5) Warranty

While it is nearly impossible for brands to provide lifetime warranties on their products, you can opt for products backed by a 5-10 year warranty.

Normal usage usually means use within weight limits specified for the product. And if there are no specifics described in the product, you might expect it to be something like usage by persons weighing 250 pounds or less for no more than forty hours per week.

6) Customer service

A company with staff to respond to customer inquiries is a company you can trust more. It means that they are willing to allow customers to examine their items, and they will not pull the wool over their customers’ eyes.

So, go ahead and ask about the advantages and disadvantages of their products. If they give straight answers, it just means that you are doing business with a trustworthy and reliable company.

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