Folding chairs are very convenient to have at home as extra chairs reserved for special occasions. On nights where you want to gather your friends and family to celebrate or just to dine together, pulling out a set or two of the lightest folding chairs you have is the best way to assure they all have a place at your dinner table.

This makes adding more seating to any event easy to do, and with lightweight of folding chairs, you can even transport them from one location to another.

What folding chair material do you have to get the lightest ones in the market? Here’s a handy guide to help you choose a best lightweight folding chair that meets all your needs.

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The most basic option, plastic folding chair, is still the lightest. As long as your guests won’t sit for more than an hour or two, getting plastic folding chairs isn’t too bad.

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Consider the Frame Material: Lightest Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are handy and convenient if you have the right one at home. Getting one that is heavy defeats the purpose of being portable and easy to store.

A lot of the weight from folding chairs is from the frame. Choosing the right type of frame material helps you avoid heavy foldable chairs.

These are the common choices:

Plastic framed

Plastic framed folding chairs are the lightest option you can find. They are also the cheapest, but ultimately not the sturdiest or the most comfortable.

Folding chairs with plastic frames are best for outdoor gatherings where you expect a great number of guests because they are very light to carry and to transport.

Flash Furniture HERCULES White Plastic Folding Chair

Stacking folding chairs with plastic frames is also easier because they are thinner in nature. Plus, of course, they require the least cleaning and maintenance out of all the choices.

Metal framed

Metal framed folding chairs are the more durable option and are used for both indoor and outdoor events as well. They can hold more weight compared to plastic but are susceptible to bending when carrying too much. They are also significantly heavier than plastic folding chairs and a tad more expensive as well.

Flash Furniture HERCULES Metal Folding Chair

Folding chairs with metal frames are prone to rust when not taken care of properly. Be careful to wipe them down if they get wet and always keep them dry and clean.

Also, take caution when stacking them because metal folding chairs toppling over can cause severe injuries.

Mesh type

The mesh chair has a lightweight metallic frame, and breathable seat and backrest made from patterned plastic. So it combines these two materials. These type of chairs are easy to move and stack away.

You find our review of Mity-Lite Flex One mesh folding chair by clicking here.

Mity-Lite MESH ONE Folding Guest Chair

Wood framed

Wooden folding chairs are classic and elegant. They are best for formal occasions and they are very strong and reliable. The downside to getting folding chairs with wooden frames is the weight.

Winsome Wood Folding Chair

This type of chair is built to last and is the most stylish out of all the frames, but it is also not lightweight. In fact, these are the heaviest type of chairs you can find.

Although they look wonderful, wooden framed folding chairs are not very practical at all. They do not stack well, they require a lot of maintenance, and transporting them requires a lot of heavy lifting and effort.

Seat Materials That Add Weight

If you want to add comfort to folding chairs you also have to sacrifice its weight. Adding padding to the seat increases its weight and also makes the folding chairs bulkier.

Flash Furniture HERCULES Folding Chair

If you are willing to sacrifice weight and storage convenience here are seat material choices:

  1. Fabric seat padding is soft and breathable. They are the best type of padding to use when you have warm events because they resist quick temperature changes.
  2. Take note that fabric seats are not waterproof so they aren’t the best for outdoor events when there is a chance of rainfall.
  3. Vinyl seat padding is water and stain resistant. They are very easy to wipe clean and maintain and do not easily get damaged when exposed to moisture.

However, vinyl padding can get hot quick during warm weather making them uncomfortable when used for a prolonged period of time.


No matter what type of frame you get or if you decide to add seat cushioning for the comfort of your guests, folding chairs are still a better and more convenient choice compared to traditional permanent seating.

Folding chairs typically weigh between 2 – 5 kg (or 5 to 10 lbs), which is fairly lightweight when you have to seat a hundred people and transport all those chairs.

In the end, the lightest folding chairs are still the most basic and cheapest option available: plastic framed folding chairs. As long as your guests won’t sit for more than a couple of hours, getting plastic folding chairs isn’t too bad.