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6 Ways to Make Plastic Folding Chairs More Elegant

The white plastic folding chairs you have aren’t the fanciest. But is it possible to make them look beautiful on a budget?

In this article, we will cover inexpensive ways to make your (ugly) plastic folding chairs look nicer.

Although folding chairs are commonly used at indoor and outdoor events, they look pretty dull. 

Set of white plastic folding chairs on a green lawn

Now, you wouldn’t want to put something that ruins the entire theme of your event, right? Instead, you can make your chairs an elegant part of your décor.

If you are trying to decide how to dress up plastic folding chairs, here are some great options to consider:

1. Tulle – a cheap and easy way to add elegance.
2. Sashes – available in a wide range of colors.
3. Burlap – a rustic look for the event.
4. Chair Covers – the quickest way to improve the appearance.
5. Flowers – sophisticated and elegant appearance.
6. Signs – a unique and personalized way to decorate.

You can make your plastic chairs appear more stylish without breaking the budget by doing the following:

Pick a seat sign for a wedding event

1. Tulle

Decorating chairs with tulle is a cheap and easy way to add beauty and elegance to your next event. It can be formed into various shapes, giving you several options. 

When decorating for a wedding or a birthday party, you can hang the tulle down the back of the chair, tie a bow around the back, or use it on the side of the aisle to make an eye-catching design. 

Plastic folding chairs - add elegance with tulle

2. Sashes

You can buy sashes made of fabrics other than tulle to add to your folding chair. You can tie them into a bow at the back of the chair. 

Sashes also provide you the opportunity to incorporate different textures and patterns into your chair decorations.

If you are looking to add color to the chair, go for a sash. Sashes are available in a wide range of beautiful colors. You can choose a color based on your design scheme or theme.

Plastic folding chairs - add elegance with sashes

3. Burlap

Burlap gives a rustic look to plastic chairs, making them great for an outdoor event, or holiday gathering, or even a wedding in the barn.

It’s versatile and can be used in several different ways for rustic-chic-themed events.

You can find burlap sashes and the whole chair covers made from burlap.

Plastic folding chairs - add elegance with burlap

4. Chair Covers

One of the easiest and quickest ways to improve the appearance of folding chairs is to cover them. With fabrics such as polyester, spandex, or satin, chair covers easily take a standard chair to the next level.

Regardless of how boring or plain your folding chair looks, you can add chair covers to make them look grand. You can stretch the chair cover over your chair. Like sashes, chair covers come in a wide range of colors. 

The most economical way is to make the chair covers yourself, but it takes a lot of time. Covers can be rented directly from your chair vendor or easily purchased online.

Plastic folding chairs - add elegance with covers

5. Flowers

If you are going with a floral theme, decorate your folding chairs with flowers. You can attach them to the back or side of each chair. 

Flowers will give your chairs a more sophisticated and elegant appearance, and you can have greenery as an addition to flowers. 

You can also complete cheery summer blossoms with ribbon strings down the chair’s back to add even more life and color to the decorations.

Plastic folding chairs - add elegance with flowers

6. Signs

Signs are a unique and personalized way to further decorate your folding chairs at an event (and a budget-friendly one at that). 

Signs are a perfect way to make special guests stand out from the rest and guide guests to their places. You could print reserved signs for the family members and tie them to the chairs using twine or ribbon. 

They are more than just practical details; they make for some fantastic event photos as well.

Plastic folding chairs - add elegance with signs


Can I decorate my folding chairs using one or more decoration methods?

Yes, you can combine flowers with chair covers and even sashes and burlap. You can add a sash to the chair covers as well. 

You can even match the color of the flowers to the chair cover, sash, or burlap. You can even get chair cushions for added comfort if you want. 

Do I need to buy expensive folding chairs to make them look nice? 

No, you can make basic low-cost folding chairs attractive by decorating them with various items and giving them the illusion of being stylish and expensive. 

If you want to stay within your budget and host a massive event requiring several chairs, choose plastic folding chairs and decorate them. 

What are the advantages of plastic folding chairs?

They are affordable (perfect for any budget), lightweight and portable (ideal for any occasion), easy to set up, fold, and store (great for large events). They are easy to clean and dry (excellent for outdoor events). And they are easy to decorate.

Even though plastic chairs are not the best-looking folding chairs out there, they offer tons of benefits, which are hard to overlook. You can buy or rent them for your event, but do not arrange them without enhancing their appearance. You can learn more about the different types of folding chairs and their materials here.

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