Different Types of Folding Chairs on a white background: Plastic, Metal, Wood, Resin, Mesh, Padded, and Camping.

Types Of Folding Chairs: Comprehensive Guide (Which Suits Your Needs?)

Folding chairs give the best solution for any outdoor or indoor event. These events can be meetings, get-togethers, or parties at home. Foldable chairs are practical and cost-effective products to use.

There are many types of folding chairs in the market. And there are different ways of classifying folding chairs.

Types of folding chairs:

  • Plastic: One of the most common types of folding seat.
  • Metal: Besides plastic, metal is a popular type for folding chairs.
  • Wood: Wood has elegant, natural look and feel.
  • Resin: Resin is water-resistant, and suitable for outdoor furniture.
  • Mesh: Mesh chairs are breathable and durable, both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Padded: For high-end events, cushion foldable seats offer most comfort.
  • Camping: Foldable camping chairs offer greatest portability.
  • Saucer: Foldable saucer chairs have a wide, round seat. They are ideal for relaxing and watching tv.

Folding chairs are the most space-saving seating choices, making them incredible for home use, and for situations with lack of storage space. They are easy to move by hand or by dolly, which helps to put up seating for open air weddings, gatherings, and fairs.

Chairs are affordable, so it’s easy for you to buy in bulk to accommodate guests at any event you are organizing or just buying it for your whole family.

There are several types of folding chairs available today. This article shows you the different kinds of chairs to help you make on an educated choice. So read on.


One of the most common types of the folding chair is plastic. This is the type of chair that event rental companies often use in organizing big events.

Flash Furniture Mirra Plastic Folding Chairs for Parties and Weddings, Lightweight Commercial Event Seats with 330-lb. Static Weight Capacity, Set of 6, White

The plastic is easy to wipe so you can use these at parties without despoiling them because of drink spills.

They have a molded seat and backrest and a tubular metal frame. These chairs fold up flat, so it’s easy to stack them in a pile when storing them.

These are the cheapest type of folding chairs. You can get the price even more down by looking for sets with multiple chairs. 

Besides being affordable, they are durable. You can use this kind of chair for a long time because it’s sturdy and does not get damaged by water.


  • durable
  • easy to keep clean
  • easy to move
  • saves storage space, as they take so little room when folded


  • looks – they are not the best looking options

A variant of this type of chair is one with a “fan” type backrest. The backrest is bigger making it easier to lean back. These are a great option for event planners as these can be used without a chair cover.

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 650 lb. Capacity Charcoal Plastic Fan Back Folding Chair


Besides plastic, metal is a popular type for folding chairs. They are suitable for both indoor and open-air use.

NPS 200 Series Premium All-Steel Double Hinge Folding Chair

The all-metal construction makes these chairs sturdier and durable. That’s why this type is popular among event centers, meeting halls, and churches. These are not so suitable for rental companies, because compared to plastic chairs it’s harder to make a stack that doesn’t slide.

Metal folding chairs are available in plain painted steel, padded, and cushioned.

You can read the National Public Seating 1200 upholstered folding chair review here.


  • durable
  • multiple colors
  • lots of options for padding
  • suitable for larger people than plastic chairs


  • although they fold flat, they are not so easy to stack


Wooden folding chairs are a step up from the plastic type of seats because they look good. There are not many other types of folding chairs on the market that can beat the natural feel you get from wood.

Robin 4-PC Folding Chair Set - Parent,Natural Finish, Set of 4, Wood

One advantage of getting a wooden bench is that you can select from different woods such as birch, oak, and beechwood. 

They are not as easy to stack as plastic chairs, or should we say, they slide off which makes stacking harder.


  • elegant, natural look and feel
  • reliable
  • options for different kinds of wood
  • suitable for larger people than plastic chairs


  • takes more space when folded and stacked
  • wood gets scratches
  • heavier than other types


The resin withstands moisture, so it’s suitable for outdoor furniture.

Event organizers also use resin chairs, as they are inexpensive and durable.

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 1000 lb. Capacity White Resin Folding Chair with Slatted Seat

You can leave resin furniture outdoors. Cleaning is easy with a power washer, or with a damp rag. Unlike wood and metal furniture, resin furniture has the color through the entire piece. Scratches blend into the surrounding surface.


  • elegant chair for special occasions
  • durable
  • options for different colors and paddings
  • scratches don’t show up


  • stacking is not so easy to keep up as with plastic chairs
  • takes more space when folded and stacked


Another essential type is the mesh folding chair. Mesh chairs are expensive than others, but they are an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor use.

Mity-Lite Flex One Folding Chair, 18-8 Steel, Black, 4-Pack

During sports games at summer heat, a mesh chair can be handy to keep fresh and comfortable throughout the game. The design of the seat  supports the body for extra comfort.

Mesh chairs have durable metal frames which ensure that you can use this folding chair for a long time. It is also effortless for you to clean it if there are any accidental spills, like plastic folding chairs.


  • elegant
  • durable
  • suitable for larger people than plastic chairs


  • more expensive than other options


For high-end events, you can use foldable chairs with padding. This is one of the most expensive types among all the other folding chairs. They make the seats with metal, wood, or resin, but they have a cushioned texture to it.

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Premium Curved Triple Braced & Double Hinged Navy Fabric Metal Folding Chair

Cushioned seats are suitable for fancier affairs, or when guests sit for a long time. The extra padding comforts more extended periods of sitting.

The rationale behind buying a cushioned collapsing seat is to make sure that people will have the greatest comfortability when they are using a cushioned folding seat.

If you need to impress your visitors or if you want to enjoy the highest level of comfort with folding chairs, cushioned collapsing seats are one of the best options for you.

Here you can read the Meco Deluxe padded folding chair review.


  • elegant
  • comfortable


  • expensive than other options
  • takes more space
  • takes more time to keep clean


The portable camping chair is the right type when you head outdoors for a hike or for a picnic.

Light camping chairs offer portability, and they are also easy to take to a sporting event. 

Coleman Portable Quad Camping Chair with Cooler , Red, 37' x 24' x 40.5'

These chairs fold into a shape of a narrow cylinder. They come with carrying bag for easy transport and storage. 

When unfolded, the chair has a cushioned seat and back made of flexible mesh and fabrics. For your drinks, these chairs have cup holders to keep everything contained and organized.


  • light
  • easy to carry


  • as they are extremely lightweight, they are not so durable

Suspension Chair

A suspension chair has a fabric seat suspended from a frame by bungee cords.

Caravan Canopy Sports 80012000020 Suspension Folding Chair, One Size, Blue

Suspended fabric creates a comfortable, supportive seating surface that conforms to your body. Additionally, the chair folds up easily for storage and transportation.

It is ideal for outdoor activities like sports games, tailgating, and hanging in your backyard.

Some suspension folding chairs include features like cup holders, adjustable headrests, and even built-in coolers. They come in various colors and designs to suit different preferences and styles.

Here is our review of the Caravan sports suspension chair, the perfect chair for game day and tailgating.


When you want to relax, or watch TV, a foldable saucer chair is handy. They look cozy and make you feel to curl into a round chair. They have a soft cushion to provide a luxurious feeling to the user.

Urban Lifestyle Oversized Polycanvas Foldable Saucer Chair, Teal

Kids and teenagers love saucer chairs. Adults may find some of the chairs too small, but oversized models are also available.

As they are foldable, you can store them when they are not in use. And thanks to the folding design, they are easy to transport, when you are on the move.

They are ideal for extra seating in living rooms and dens. In small apartments they serve as permanent seating.

Chairs with a soft cushion are for indoors, as they don’t like getting wet. Folding camping saucer chairs are also available for outdoor use.


  • soft and cozy
  • good looking


  • might be a little bit too small for adults


Plastic, metal, wood, resin, mesh, cushioned, and camping  – these are the common types of folding chairs available today. For each of these types, you have a large variety to choose from by the various manufacturers.

If you are organizing a bigger event, like a wedding, you can also rent folding chairs instead of buying them. 

But, before you buy or rent any folding chair, make sure you find the purpose you are using it for and how long you plan to use them.

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