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What is the Difference Between Folding Saucer Chair vs Folding Flat Chair?

Let’s admit it; when you think of folding chairs, comfort doesn’t come first into your mind. But there are folding chairs you can curl into like a cat – folding saucer chairs.

These chairs have many names: round foldable chair, moon chair, saucer chair, dish chair, or sphere chair.

Here is a typical example of a folding saucer chair.

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Saucers are soft, round chairs with foldable frame. Some models have faux fur cushion cover, which makes them feel cozy.

They are a good choice if you are short on space, want to avoid clutter or are on the move. These chairs are easy to pack away and transport, thanks to their unique folding design. They are ideal for dorms, dens and media centers, or other places where you want to relax.

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Different uses for folding chairs

We often use foldable chairs as a temporary seating solution. Examples of these are camping and events. They also can act as a solution in a small living space.

Before knowing what the difference between round and flat foldable chair is, it is best to know the different kinds of chairs and their features.

What is the Flat Folding Chair?

Flat folding chairs are traditional folding chairs that work using leg and backrest pivots to fold down into a compact size. They are usually made of plastic, steel or wood.

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These chairs are affordable and lightweight and are more often found in gatherings like weddings and sporting events. They are easy to store, even if you have many of them, as they fold so flat.

Here are some features of flat foldable chairs:

Support: Steel or wood frame that can stand large weights.

Seat: The seats are plain or padded with foam and vinyl.

Backrest: Small and not cushioned.

What is a Folding Saucer Moon Chair?

Round folding chairs, or saucer chairs, are new players on the market as they deviate from the usual folding chair design. They still use a pivoting support system to fold into a small space.

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Saucer chairs are for indoor use and act as extra seating in living rooms and dens. For compact living spaces, these also serve as permanent seating.

Here are some features of round foldable saucer chairs:

Support: You just pop the foldable metal frame open and sat down.

Seat and Backrest: One of the significant features of the round folding chair is that the seat and backrest are joined as a large saucer-shaped cushion. This is often made of nylon or synthetic cotton stuffed with goose down or foam.

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Saucer chairs for adults

If you are looking for a large saucer chair for adult, the things to pay attention:
– is the seat big enough for an adult to lean their head back on?
– is the seat deep enough for an adult to sit comfortably for long periods?
– are the cushions large enough, so you don’t feel the bars of the frame through the padding?

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Camping saucer chairs

There are also specific saucer camping chairs that you can take to outdoor activities. They use a different pivoting system to fold into smaller space.

Here is a review of the KingCamp saucer camping chair.

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What is the Difference Between Flat Folding Chair vs. Round Folding Chair?

While some would argue and say that the only difference between the two is the shape, there are, in fact, a few more notable differences than shape and the name.

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Design: The cushions of foldable moon chairs can come in a variety of designs and colors from sports-oriented patterns to plush faux fur or leather upholstery. Folding flat chairs are much simpler in design and come in models that enable to fold flat for easy transport and storage.

Cushion: The cushion of moon saucer chairs is a combination of seat and backrest which makes the sitting position more relaxed, and if the chair is big enough, you can curl into a ball in it. Flat foldable chairs might have separate cushions for seats.

Weight capacity: The weight capacity of flat chairs is typically in a range of 250-1000 pounds (113-454 kilograms).

Saucer chairs typically have weight capacity of 225 pounds (102 kg).

Portable camping chauser chairs have a weight capacity in a range of 165-500 pounds (75-227 kg).

Storage: Saucer chairs are a bit tricky to store compactly, as they are bigger, and take more space folded than a flat chair.

Use: Flat folding chairs are best used in both outdoor and indoor settings. Saucer chairs are geared towards indoor use, especially since the soft cushion can soak up moisture overnight which can ruin the chair. Saucer camping chairs are made for outdoor use.

These are some of the most notable differences between traditional flat foldable chairs and round folding chairs. These moon chairs also have lots of different materials, colors, and designs that let them blend with the type of interior that you would want to pull off.

Regardless of what you want to do with them, folding chairs are a great addition to any living space and can sometimes help you in setting up furniture in a small space.

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