National Public Seating 1200 Series Review

National Public Seating 1200 Series Review (Steel Frame Folding Chair)

A folding chair is perfect for home use as well as events like weddings, conferences, seminars, etc. These days, this kind of chair is made of a selection of materials – from plastic to metal.

It is nice and practical to have a few folding chairs in your own home in case guests drop by unannounced. It is also great for impromptu parties at home and entertaining family and friends.

If you are challenged at the thought of finding quality folding chairs, reviews are a good indication of products that are worthy of being included in your list of options. Below is a review of the No products found..

No products found.

Features of the National Public Seating 1200 Series Folding Chair

  • Comes with vinyl upholstered seat
  • Has quality backrest
  • Includes 18-gauge steel frame
  • Capable of supporting 480 lbs. static weight and 300 lbs. drop weight
  • Has Y-frame structure
  • Includes double-riveted front and rear leg cross braces
  • Comes with double hinges on every side for extra stability
  • Has 0.8 mm water-resistant vinyl for easier cleanups
  • Weighs 11 lbs.
  • Measures 39 x 19 x 9 inches


A metal folding chair like the NPS 1200 Series model is considered a no-frills fixture. Because of its sudden popularity among lots of homeowners and event organizers, this folding chair is selling like hotcakes right now.

No products found.

There are reasons why metal folding chairs are held in high regard. One of them is that they have excellent style.

A metal folding chair combines form and function. If you think about it, metal folding chairs actually suit interiors due to their minimalist design.

This is a kind of material that deters bugs due to its surface and form. You can wipe it down with a cloth after each use. In general, metal chairs are easy to clean and maintain (of course, rust might be a problem).

More importantly, the metal material is durable and this is the most basic reason why this kind of folding chair is selected by lots of individuals.

This is a hardwearing material and can endure lots of extreme use so it is a piece of furniture that can accommodate any group living setting, particularly places like dorms and transient houses.

No products found.

Metal folding chairs are tough and cleanable so you will not have any problems with the frequent use of the item.

The finish of a metal folding chair is securely-sealed as well so with excellent care, the folding chair can tolerate heavy usage, punctures and other common chair issues.

In case the finish gets damaged in time, there are actually DIY patch kits of metal furniture that you can purchase and do the mends yourself.

Metal folding chairs are usually affordable and they can last a longer period of time as compared to other similar chairs. While it might obligate consumers to dole out a bigger investment, the replacement phase can be lessened. Thus, you will save up eventually and their advantages pay off what you have disbursed in the beginning.

No products found.

This NPS model comes with a steel frame and a vinyl upholstered seat and back. The frame comes in the form of a black, 18-gauge steel Y design. It features a double-riveted front and rear leg cross braces too with double hinges on every side.

It folds up easily, making storage easier for the users. Another advantage of this chair is that it meets the strict requirements of the ANSI/BIFMA (American National Standards Institute/Business & Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association) for weight support. It can take in 300 lbs. of drop weight and for static weight, 480 lbs.

The seat and the backrest of the chair are upholstered for overall comfort. The former comes with foam and water-resistant vinyl for easier cleanups and maintenance and the seat features a rounded front edge that minimizes tension from gathering on the user’s back.

No products found.

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The steel frame is powder coated too so it can resist abrasions or scratches. The polypropylene material glides can be replaced and it helps in safeguarding surfaces.

The back legs have plastic plugs that feature slots in order to prop up the frame and provide stability. These floor glides and plugs complement the overall color of the frame.


The NPS 1200 Series metal folding chair does not feature any drawbacks in terms of design. However, this is a metal chair which means some might not feel comfortable sitting on it for longer periods of time.


The No products found. is a great buy if you want a metal chair. This is ideal for use at home and in upscale, bigger events.

Unlike the usual metal folding chair, this one has a great design and is made from quality materials – from the steel frame to the upholstery. This one might have a metal frame but it is actually comfortable due to the upholstery on the backrest and the foam seat. Highly recommended for home use and indoor events.

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