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How Much Weight Can A Folding Chair Hold

Portable or multi-use furniture are always a big help at home due to the convenience they bring. One example of portable furniture that has many advantages is the folding chair.

The folding chair provides extra seating for your guests. It is also a handy item for big events such as parties, weddings and receptions.

How much weight can a folding chair hold, though?

We will find that out by discussing the different types of available folding chairs out here.

The benefits of this kind of furniture:

  • it is lightweight
  • you can fold it
  • it is easy to transfer and store

They are so lightweight, foldable, and affordable, that it is also the weak point. When you think about increasing sturdiness, or weight capacity, you normally need heavier and more expensive materials.

These chairs are quite handy for small parties at home. If you want to keep some folding chairs at home ready for any company dropping by, you don’t want to spend extra. Also event organizers often use these chairs.

So these chairs are known for their practicality and convenience. If you want to know more about the various kinds of folding chairs available in the market, these are the often-bought types:


Plastic is the most common material used for this kind of folding chair. It is also the most affordable thus it is pretty much the bestseller among the bunch. Plastic chairs are stain resistant and waterproof so they can be used outdoors and they are the top pick for events like garden weddings.

Due to the durability, lightweight, and affordable price, many events organizers and homeowners invest in plastic folding chair. The plastic often used for this kind of chair is thermoplastic polymer and polypropylene.

For example, this affordable, sturdy and lightweight plastic chair from Flash Furniture has 800-pound weight capacity (although the dimensions of the chair are not designed for heavy persons, which is quite common).


The padded kind is another great option for seating during events. It comes with a plastic back. However, instead of plastic seat, it comes with a fabric-covered seat.

These chairs are a bit more expensive than the plastic kind but they allow more comfort so they are ideal for seating people in events that take longer hours.

Due to the elegance and comfort factor, these chairs are a great option for making an impact on guests.

For example, this sturdy padded chair from Flash Furniture can carry around 300-pound weight capacity according to reviews (but the dimensions are standard, not for larger bodies).


The metal folding chair is another popular choice for lots of individuals after the plastic kind.

These chairs are hardwearing and durable because of the inclusion of 18-gauge steel tubing for frames and also come with double-riveted features.

How much weight can a folding chair hold if it is made of metal?

They are sturdier as compared to plastic chairs and are the better choice for seating bigger individuals.

However, they are not recommended for sitting for longer periods of time because they are not as comfortable as a padded or plastic chair.

For example, this Cosco All Steel Folding Chair has a 250 pound use rate with it’s sturdy steel construction.

Cosco All Steel Folding Chair Black (4-pack)


Mesh is the most recent addition to folding chair materials and these chairs cost more as compared to the other types. They are comfortable to sit on and are great for outdoor settings where people might be exposed to higher temperatures.

Mesh chairs let people remain comfortable and cool throughout an event due to their breathable attributes.

They are also durable because of the metal frames included in the construction and are pretty easy to clean.

For example, this durable, lightweight, and comfortable mesh folding chair Flex-One from Mity-Lite has a 1000 pound capacity.

Mity-Lite Flex One Folding Chair, Black (4-pack)


Folding chairs can be rented or bought and if you want more convenience, you can choose to buy one or a few of those chairs online. Prior to buying one, you need to consider the material they are made of.

You have to know how much weight a folding chair can hold and you need to make sure that the product is durable and capable of accommodating ample amount of weight. You have to take into consideration the comfort of your guests as well when buying those chairs.

Just remember that folding chair might have a great weight capacity, but their dimensions might not be best suited for larger individuals. Folding chairs need to be lightweigh and easy to fold and store, so it gives restrictions to dimensions.

To make your job of choosing the right model easier, you can also read reviews of products online. Read the features, advantages and disadvantages of a product and if you are convinced that a particular folding chair might be of use to you, you can make a list of options and narrow down your choices as you select chairs along the way.

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