How Tall Is a Folding Chair? (A Comprehensive Guide)

If you often have company dropping by randomly or you are fond of having small parties with friends and family at home, investing in a few folding chairs is always a worthwhile decision.

Folding chairs are usually affordable, convenient and easy to store due to their folding capabilities. You have to consider a few factors before buying one, though.

You have to mull over how tall is a folding chair, what are the dimensions when open and folded, what materials it has, and how much weight it can hold. If you are looking to buy one, click here to see more info on best folding chairs.

In this article, we talk about the dimensions of folding chairs and stools.

What Is the Standard Chair Height?

There are no strict industry standards for the chair, or table, heights.

Here you can see typical dimensions of a folding chair, both open and folded.

Typical standard dimensions of folding chair both open and folded

Sizes vary according to the type of chair, and by the manufacturer. For example, padded chairs take much more space when folded than non-padded models.

Seating heights of a chair generally range up to 17–19 inches (43–48 cm) from the chair leg to the seat surface. Folding chairs are usually on the lower end of the dimensions.

These chairs fit under the regular table, which ranges from 28–30 inches (71–76 cm). When you consider if there is enough room for seating, you should also check the support beams under the table.

Allow 9-13 inches (23-33 cm) between the seat of your chair and your tabletop.

Standard Table Height and Distance between Chair and Table

Counter and Bar Height

Counter and bar stool height can cause confusion. The terms are not always used in the right meaning. When looking for higher chairs, check the specifications carefully.

So what is the difference between high top tables in terms of tables and the stools that go with them?

Height of the Counter Stool

Counter tables are about the same height as a regular kitchen counter, measuring about 34-36 inches (86-91 cm) in height.

Counter stools have a seat height of about 24 inches (61 cm), so they leave around 12 inches (30 cm) between the table top and the top of the seat. 

Standard Counter Table and Counter Stool Height

Height of the Bar Stool

A bar table is higher, as they measure 42 inches (107 cm) tall. 

Bar stools have a seat height of about 30 inches (76 cm). 

Standard Bar Table and Bar Stool Height

Bar tables and stools are excellent for creating a more casual atmosphere and for working well in small spaces. The bar table is so high you can stand, lean, or sit by it with a bar chair.

Folding Chair for Counter Height

If you need a folding chair that you can use at the kitchen table, there are not many choices available.

The Linon Triena X Back Folding Counter Stool is one option.

No products found.

It’s a stool that folds away effortlessly for quick storage and easy transport.

The seat height is 24 inches (61 cm) from the floor.

Overall dimensions are 37 inches (94 cm) x 17 inches (43 cm) x 20 inches (51 cm), and the best part is that the size of the seat is generous as it is 17 inches (43 cm) x 20 inches (51 cm).

The weight limit for this stool is 275 lbs.

No products found.

Other Things to Consider When Buying Folding Chairs

Take into account the weight limit

The weight limit of a chair is as important as height in your search. If larger individuals are going to use them, it is best if you go after chairs that have a higher weight limit.

Check the width of a folding chair seat

Have you ever wondered how wide folding chairs are? Are there any oversized models? Seats of folding chairs do not have a standard width. There is a range of 15.5″ (39.5 cm) to 17.5″ (44.5 cm).

Check the grade of the chair

In case you want to use the chair regularly, you should look for ones that have commercial-grade quality so that they do not wear down quickly with frequent use.

Check for warranties

You may not require an extensive warranty for chairs that will not be used frequently, but this is something worth checking out in case you use the chairs regularly.

Check the design of products

Even though folding chairs are not exactly something you may want to put in your living room together with the basic couch and center table, you still want to make sure that those items look appealing. There are lots of options for you to check out so do not go for folding chairs with bad designs just because you need such a fixture. And you can always dress-up or reupholster the chairs.

Make sure that they can be easily folded for storage

There are chairs being sold out there that can be folded in an easier way as compared to others. Look at the way a chair folds and you can get an indication of the ease of folding and storing them. Here you can find info about hanging and storing chairs on the wall rack.

Check out reviews

If you want to buy folding chairs online, you can also refer to the reviews for more information about the product. Make sure that you check out products that have gathered lots of positive feedback and you will be on the right track.

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