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How to Choose a Folding Chair for Outdoor Sports Event?

An outdoor sporting event is coming up, and you need an outdoor folding chair for it. With so many options to choose from, how to pick the right one?

Making the wrong choice means you have wasted your hard-earned money on a folding chair that did not even last, gave out under pressure, or became damaged. You can save yourself trouble by making a knowledgeable choice instead of a blind one.

You need to know what you are looking for when browsing the market for a folding chair. We do not want you to make the mistake of buying the wrong folding chair for an outdoor event.

1. What Material Is It?

What is that one material that holds up outdoors? — Aluminum alloy.

A folding chair with a heavy-duty aluminum alloy frame is made for the outdoors. The frame will have a direct effect on how sturdy and stable the chair is.

2. How Heavy It Is?

Chairs suitable for watching games often weigh 8 to 10 pounds. It’s a lot more than the lightest camping chairs weigh, 2-4 pounds, but there’s a difference in strength, size, and comfort. Most lightweight camping chairs are not intended for all-day sitting, but rather to be packed into a small space for hiking.

So it’s a compromise between weight and sturdiness. You do not want to struggle each time you lift the folding chair to move to another location, but you don’t want it to collapse under your weight.

3. How Much Weight It Supports?

It would be embarrassing if you sat on your folding chair, only for you to fall in front of everyone. Even though it would give you a red face and others a good laugh, it will also cause a dent in your bank account. Instead, opt for folding chairs that can support around 225 pounds to 250 pounds.

The more oversized chairs usually hold more weight, but they are also bulkier to carry around. Check the size of the chair before you purchase to avoid buying something too small or too large.

4. How Comfortable Is It to Sit All Day?

If you are at an outdoor sporting event, you will sit on your folding chair for hours. You do not want to feel uncomfortable while sitting in it. Be careful and do not choose a chair that is too narrow to sit comfortably. It would ruin your whole game-watching experience.

Most outdoor folding chair manufacturers have been adding an ergonomic seat to them, so make sure you find a folding chair designed for comfort.

5. Extras like Canopy and Cup Holders?

Now, this is entirely optional. It really depends on your preferences. Do you need a built-in shade canopy? Mesh cup holders? Built-in insulated storage pouch?

If you need either of those or both, find a folding chair that offers that. Most sports fanatics would definitely prefer cup holders, though, because where else will their drinks go?

Think about everything you usually take with you to the sideline and make sure there is enough storage space in the chair.

And canopy chairs are popular nowadays, as they are no longer too bulky and are light and easy to pack.

6. Water and Stain-resistant Fabric

Sporting events can get messy, and you or someone can easily spill something on your folding chair.

A chair with a water and stain-resistant fabric will make it easier for you to clean it. It can also withstand all types of weather.

7. What is Your Budget?

Unfortunately, these chairs can become expensive quickly, with prices ranging from 50-150 USD. But you can also find a comfortable chair at the cheaper end of the price range.

Think about your budget before shopping. This will give you an idea of what chairs you can support in more detail.

However, don’t expect the cheapest chairs to last long. The hinges and joints of cheap chairs may not withstand the weight and will fail first.

It may be worth spending a little more money in advance to make sure you get a quality chair.

The Bottom Line

When it’s time to go out to encourage your favorite sports team or your own child’s game, the right chair will affect your mood.

Let’s be honest, when we spend an entire weekend outdoors watching a children’s tournament, it’s so important to be comfortable.

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