Best Choice Products Folding Chair Review (Light Chair for Extra Seating)

You need 20 chairs for a birthday party? And you don’t want any HEAVY furniture in your living room. No problem, these lightweight folding chairs get the job done.

We are talking about the Best Choice Products Plastic Folding Chair now.

You can easily carry all 5 of them at once (they come in a pack of five chairs). They are not too heavy, but sturdy enough for average-sized adults.

Because the chairs are effortless to carry around, you can take them EVERYWHERE, like baseball fields.

These chairs hold up well as extra party seating – indoors and outdoors. They are comfortable for a plastic folding chair at a reasonable price.

Best Choice Products Plastic Folding Chair
Set of 5 chairs.
Easy-to-clean, perfect for indoor or outdoor use.
Wedding party event chair, lightweight steel construction, supports up to 250-pounds, stackable.

Additionally, they came individually packaged in plastic bags, so you can keep them clean by storing them in the original packaging.

These would be perfect for outdoor weddings. You can buy chair covers and decorations to make your chairs more elegant, and then your wedding will look like what you see in MOVIES.

These chairs are perfect for rental use. These chairs will pay for themselves after you rent them to an event or two (be sure to MARK the chairs, so they don’t try to keep them; these are so great for events).

It is a big advantage for an event planner to have their own set of chairs to rent out for a suitable price. This may even lead to future business from recommendations.

Most venues will provide the seats for the party, but some DIY planners prefer to handle everything on their own to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Best Choice Products Plastic Folding Chairs

Features of the Best Choice Products Plastic Folding Chairs

  • Comes in a set of 5 chairs
  • Lightweight folding chair (7.2 pounds)
  • Steel frame for added durability
  • Holds up to 250 pounds
  • Comfortable for a plastic chair
  • Uses high-quality plastic, easy to clean
  • Time and space-saving, no assembly needed
  • Perfect for parties and other events, convenient for home


Although the chair is marketed to hold up to 250 pounds, many have noticed that it holds up pretty well against more pressure from heavier weights of up to 320 pounds. It is thanks to the steel frame that offers reliable support.

Learn more about a folding chair’s weight capacity by reading this article.

These chairs are safe to use, and you don’t want to stumble into accidents or injuries while using these as extra chairs at your event.

These chairs blend in well with most table settings and party themes with neutral but classic white color.

Once your gathering is over, you can easily fold them into a compact size, stack them up, and store them until you need them again.

They won’t take up too much space once they’re folded, so you can keep more than a few at home without worrying about clutter.

Best Choice Products Plastic Folding Chairs

This chair is great for a venue that requires extra seating for big events, but the set of 5 chairs is also suitable for home use. You get the convenience of having affordable and easy-to-clean extra chairs.

You can find it on Amazon by clicking here.

These chairs are exactly what you would expect from the price, a great score for home and professional use.


  • These chairs are made of plastic and metal, so they DO NOT offer much comfort when used for hours.
  • White plastic chairs need regular cleaning as they get easily dirty due to their light color and material.
  • It is also susceptible to cracking and breaking when frequently used by someone exceeding the 250-pound weight limit. They might hold up over dinner, but isn’t highly recommended for heavier guests when used continuously.
  • The folding mechanism is also worth noting because it can cause injuries. When cleaning up, ensure that your fingers are nowhere near the hinges to avoid accidents.
  • You should keep children away from these chairs and always keep an eye on them and stop them from playing or jumping on the folding chairs as it may cause accidents or injuries.

The Bottom Line

This folding chair IS one of the best values on the market.

If you are an event planner wanting to provide your own chairs for the events, THIS IS IT.

If you are always short on chairs at parties in your home or backyard, then this set won’t burn a hole in your wallet!.

Best Choice Products Plastic Folding Chair
Set of 5 chairs.
Easy-to-clean, perfect for indoor or outdoor use.
Wedding party event chair, lightweight steel construction, supports up to 250-pounds, stackable.

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