Wooden folding chair leaning on the wall, waiting for a move to storage.

The Best Way to Store Folding Chairs: A Guide

After a successful party or event, cleaning up is probably at the top of your list of responsibilities you want to get done as soon as possible. With everything else that needs to be done post-party, possibly the last thing you want to worry about is figuring out the best way to store folding chairs.

Folding tables and chairs can easily be moved around, and tucked away, or hanged on the wall, when not in use.

Unless you’re using your folding chairs specifically to replace permanent seating in a smaller home, then it’s best to keep them out of the way but still accessible.

This will, of course, depend heavily on the type of home you have and the amount of space you can dedicate to storage.

Folding chair storage bags

Depending on the material they’re made out of, for example, the best way to store folding chairs may have to involve some thought put into whether the temperature of the storage place is ideal or not.

If you’re thinking of storing them in a place that rarely sees activity, like an outdoor storehouse or a garage, then you may have to consider the possibility of pests; using chair bags and the like can keep the folding chairs safe from rodents and insects.

Folding chair storage bags are easy to use, and durable. If you have wooden folding chairs, you need these bags.

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Traditional Storage Spaces

When you think of storage, there are definitely some places that are typically spaces dedicated to just that: attic, basement, or garage.

These places are accessible enough that you won’t have to worry about struggling to get the chairs out when you need them.

Depending on the build of your folding chairs, you can stack them or line them up — whichever is easiest for you.

Stacks of white folding chairs leaning on a wall, waiting for a better storage solution
  1. Attic: The one thing you should make sure of is to arrange them in such a way that they aren’t blocking your doorway.
  2. Garage: If you’re storing them in the garage, make sure they aren’t blocking your cars or stored anywhere where they could potentially fall on top of them.
  3. Basement: If your storage place of choice is the basement, depending on your home and the area you live in, you may want to consider placing a pallet under the chairs to prevent any possible water damage.

The Best Way to Store Folding Chairs: Other Places Around the Home

If your attic, basement, or garage can’t accommodate your folding chairs — or if you don’t have an attic, basement, or garage — don’t worry, there are other places you can use.

They can be stored in unused spaces such as behind or underneath beds, couches, bookshelves, and even tables. Just make sure they aren’t preventing you from using whatever it is you’re hiding them behind or under—again, what’s the point if they’re inconveniencing you.

1) The Closet

If you just put chairs on the floor, using storage bags will be a great way to not only make your arrangement look a bit tidier, but it’ll also prevent the chair legs from snagging on your clothes or anything else you have hanging in your closet.

You might have some room behind or above the coats that are hanging in a closet. Install hooks for chairs on each wall that has some room behind hanging coats. 1-2 folding chair can go on each wall.

You can maximize your storage space without sacrificing space for clothing. At its best, you can get 4-8 chairs into the closet without losing any common area.

For long-term storage stack them on the top of the coat racks. They are harder to reach, but they will be out of sight.

Look for vertical storage space against a wall that often goes unused.

2) Under the bed

Many beds have adequate room underneath to store flat items like folding chairs. You should get eight chairs under most beds.

Wrap the chairs in the plastic bag to keep them clean and dust free.

Putting a thin tray under chairs helps you to glide them in and out.

3) On top of the Cabinet

Put them horizontal at the top of your tall cabinet. If you have infrequent use for chairs keep them up high if you don’t use that space.

If you’re living in a home where space is a particularly valuable commodity, and you have several folding chairs, consider splitting the storage spaces up.

Storage Options for The Creative Homeowner

If in any case you realize that no matter how much you look, you just don’t seem to have any unused storage space to hide away your folding chairs, just leave them in plain sight—that is, not in the way for unfortunate toes to smack into, but as part of your home décor.

Purchase or DIY some wooden brackets to hang your folding chairs from the wall, maybe thread some fairy lights through them. Not only have you saved yourself some valuable floor space, you now have an interesting installation that acts as a conversation starter.

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Hang from the wall as a temporary shelf

Hang the folding chair to a pair of hooks on the wall. Then keep the seats open. That works as a temporary shelf, and clothes rack.

Alternatively, when these chairs aren’t being used for seating, you might as well find other uses for them.

You can place plants on them, hang laundry on them, or even use them to hold all those clothes you’ve used that aren’t dirty enough to be washed but aren’t clean enough to go back into your wardrobe.

As you can see, folding chairs can be stored in very many different places. Although these are just a few storage ideas, and while their use will definitely depend on you and your space, we hope this article was able to show you where you can start looking.

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