Materials used in Making Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are lightweight; easy to carry chairs that fold flat. You can store these chairs in a row, stack, or on a cart. You can use these chairs in places that are difficult or impractical to place permanent seating.

Have you ever wondered what materials make folding chairs? There is a wide range of materials used in making folding chairs.

Typical materials in Folding Chairs

Seat Materials
The seats of folding chairs are typically made of:
– plastic,
– wood,
– metal,
– or elastomeric mesh seats.

Some plastic, wooden and metal chairs have upholstered and padded cushioned seats with plastic or leather.

Frame Materials
Frame materials are typically:
– steel,
– aluminum,
– and wood

Over the ages, folding chairs were wooden and metal. Currently, there are aluminum-folding chairs with fabric straps among a variety of different folding chairs.

Plastic and steel are the most common materials which are used in making folding chairs, plastic being the cheapest.

Discussed below is a range of materials that make folding chairs:


With the different styles of folding chairs in the market, each type has its own unique advantages and purpose. The most common folding chairs are plastic folding chairs. They are inexpensive and therefore quite popular among many people.

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Plastic folding chairs are quite suitable for practical seating arrangements in the least extravagant events and parties. Propylene plastic, a thermoplastic polymer, is the material used in making plastic folding chairs.

In comparison to metals, propylene plastics are lightweight and neutralize temperature. The folding chairs have a plastic seat and frame that make it strong and durable.

Plastic folding chairs are the go-to chairs for most event organizers. They are suitable for outdoor functions because they are resistant to weather elements (rain or snow) compared to padded chairs.

You can also use them while going out for picnic. Furthermore, plastic folding seats are resistant to stains and water.

Therefore, these seats are safe against accidental spills that may leave unsightly stains or unpredicted weather changes.

In the event of tear and wear, you find some replacement parts for your folding chairs like rubber leg caps, stabilizers, V-tips, and ganging clips.


The second most common folding chairs are the metal folding chairs.

NPS 200 Series Premium All-Steel Double Hinge Folding Chair

Metal folding chairs may either be entirely out of metal or have a plastic seat and backrest with a metallic frame. Metal folding chairs are economical and long lasting and usually made from stainless steel.

It has a similar design to the plastic folding chair. However, metal folding chairs have an 18-gauge steel tubing making up the frames of the chairs.

The double riveting used to make the frame makes metal folding chairs stronger, and more durable than plastic folding chairs. They are capable of supporting a great deal of weight because they are sturdy and have strong legs that will not collapse under such weight.

Nonetheless, these seats are uncomfortable to sit on for long hours because of their stiffness compared to plastic or padded folding chairs.


Folding chairs made from wood are elegant and comfortable regardless of where you use them. They are stylish for use on the beach, in your backyard, or on the patio.

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They are suitable for use in the outdoor since wood blends quite well with any décor. You can make your outdoor event more comfortable by getting a few of this type of chair.

Wood folding chairs are more appealing than metal or plastic folding chairs. You can change the tone and color of the wood to give it character and poise.

However, these chairs are not as light as metal or plastic chairs, therefore not recommended for carrying them to the beach or pack. Their sturdiness makes them quite durable though.

To ensure your wooden folding chair lasts longer, ensure you regularly clean it especially if you use it in outdoor events. You will need a seat padding to ensure that you get maximum comfort since sitting on wood for long can be quite uncomfortable.

You can use fabric or plastic covers for your chair to ensure it lasts longer and is free from moisture and dirt.


Padded folding chairs have stuffed seats made from vinyl or fabric that comes in different shades of color. They usually have a plastic backrest, and instead of the having the plain seat, they have an upholstered fabric seat.

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The padding on these seats makes them comfortable for your use. However, this also means that these seats are also expensive compared to plastic and metal folding chairs.

Recommended for long periods of sitting, padded folding chairs are also suitable for use fancy events or parties. This is because of their comfort levels and designs.

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They come in a range of attractive colors and can look quite attractive if they fit into a specific color theme in your event. Padded folding chairs are suitable for those that find presentation important.

They have an elegant and comfortable design that will impress your guests. Most people store additional padded folding chairs that have a color matching their home décor and furniture.


This is one of the latest folding chairs introduced in the market. They are quite expensive compared to metal, plastic, and padded folding chairs.

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However, what they lack for in price, they make up for it in their comfort. They are additionally suitable for use in outdoor events because of their ability to withstand high temperatures. Therefore, you can use these folding chairs for a beach wedding.

They have a breathable design (mesh) that makes it possible for people to remain comfortable and cool, particularly for outdoor events where there is exposure to extreme heat for endless hours. Mesh folding chairs have a metallic frame that makes them sturdy and capable of lasting longer.

They are easy to maintain and the mesh is easy to clean like the plastic folding chair since they are resistant to stains and are waterproof.

Materials Used in Folding Camping Chairs

Portable camping chairs need to be collapsible, compact, and they need to be light. Manufacturers may use anything from steel through to aluminum alloy in frame construction.

The lightest ones use aluminum frames. The steel frame is heavier but provides more strength.

Coleman Portable Quad Camping Chair with Cooler , Red, 37' x 24' x 40.5'

Seats come usually with nylon or polyester mesh fabric for cooling ventilation.

Note that in material specifications, polyester material thickness is described like 600D or 1000D polyester. 600D fabric is the most used, as it’s quite strong and affordable, and it weighs less than a 1000D fabric.


The main types of materials used in making folding chairs are metal, plastic, or wood. Padded and mesh folding chairs contain any or a combination of these materials to improve their comfort levels.

These materials make folding chairs convenient, comfortable, durable, and most importantly a practical choice for most outdoor and indoor events.

Consider the sturdiness, durability, and type of material you want your folding chairs to be before you buy them. You may have to put in the extra investment to ensure that your folding patio furniture is more comfortable.

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