Let’s admit it; when we think of outdoor recreation, we do not count comfort as one of the things to experience during our trip. Being in the wilderness means sitting and sleeping on the hard rocks or thick mud for a night or two.

Fortunately, there are already lots of available options to make your camping trip more comfortable, and one of those is a portable chair. If you’re asking “Where can I buy cheap folding chairs?”, read on as we will help you find the best camping chair.

However, before knowing where to buy a good camping chair for your next outdoor adventure, it is crucial for you to learn how to choose the right product. That is because there are lots of portable chairs on the market today.

How to Choose a Portable Chair?

Some of you might opt for the cheapest option because you plan on using the portable chair only once, whether it’s for a short trip to the park or a day at a muddy festival. Or you might be searching for durable and high-quality foldable chairs that you can use for a long period since you love to go camping every time you get a chance.

Nonetheless, whatever your reason is, when choosing the best camping chair, the three main features to look out for are portability, comfort, and support.


For a chair to be highly portable, you must pick a lightweight and foldable model. Keep in mind that you need to carry it along with your other camping gear, so getting a product that does not add too much weight to your luggage is very essential.


It is important to pick a portable chair that is appropriate for your build and height. The chairs come in various sizes, so you have to be more meticulous in choosing the one that is perfect for your needs.

You must always ensure that the chair will give you enough space to move to guarantee a comfortable rest time.


The functionality and design of the foldable chair are strong influences when picking the right product for your outdoor adventure. Compare and contrast the brands on the market to make sure you’ll get the best deal based on your specific needs.

The chairs come with quirky designs, pattern, and colors, but aside from the aesthetics, you must also not forget to find out the weight capacity as well as the materials used for each product.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Folding Chairs?

Now that you already know the things to look for when buying the perfect camping chair, you might already be asking where to purchase one. The good news is that with the increasing popularity of foldable camping chairs, finding a good one is no longer a challenge.

Meaning, you can see foldable chairs anywhere, so you can purchase one anytime based on what’s more convenient for you. Below are the most popular places where you can buy a portable chair for your next camping trip.

Shopping Malls

Just roam around the nearest shopping mall near your neighborhood, and you’ll surely find the foldable chair that you’re looking for. Visit the home furniture department or the sports gear section and enjoy a wide variety of foldable chair selections there.

Furniture Stores

Foldable chairs are not only used for camping trips alone. In fact, some people buy portable chairs for their garden or patio since they can also be a great addition to your home interior or exterior. With that in mind, when you are looking for ones that have stylish designs, the furniture store is the perfect place.

Online Shops

If you’re a person who prefers to purchase everything online than to shop at the crowded shopping malls, then you’re lucky because a lot of reputable online stores are selling these items. The good thing is that most online shops list down all the information you may need to know about the product to make it easier for you to figure out if the item is a good choice.

Where to Use Folding Chairs?

While some chairs are designed for specific purposes, other types of chairs are made to provide multipurpose use. Folding chairs look simpler than your stylish chairs at home, but they can be used for various occasions.

Indoor Seating

The foldable chairs can be an attractive substitute for dining room chairs during home parties and family gatherings.

Outdoor Seating

Some homeowners like to leave their chairs set up all season and pack them away only when the weather is not great. Folding chairs are perfect for this usage as it can provide attractive details to the home’s exterior.

Likewise, unlike wooden or metal lawn chairs, the portable chairs are easier and more convenient to store during the off-season.

Event Seating

The folding chairs are also an excellent option for big events where it is essential to seat large numbers of people. They are not just easy to move and store, but they also come at inexpensive prices so purchasing in bulk is not an issue at all.

Camping and Hiking

Outdoor trips require lightweight items because they must fit conveniently into a car, and this is one of the reasons why folding chairs should be on your packing checklist. Foldable chairs also provide some practical advantages besides comfort, so carrying one is highly recommended to make your next outdoor recreation more convenient.


Buying the perfect folding chair for your outdoor trip should be easy because of a large number of brands available on the market. However, it is vital for you to have an idea about how to choose the right product.

If you’ve already identified your needs and your reasons for buying a portable chair, answering the question “Where can I buy cheap folding chairs?” is even easier.

There are no rules about what kind of chair should be used for a certain condition because the most important consideration is your personal choice of what is more comfortable to use and which one will provide the highest convenience when you need to carry it around.

It also won’t matter where you bought your folding chair; as long as you get utmost comfort at a price that does not break the bank, you have a real investment at hand.