9 Tips for Choosing the Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Imagine you are in your courtyard verandah on a summer weekend with your family as you enjoy a meal during the summer. At summertime, temperatures tend to escalate to very high levels. To enjoy some quality time, you may require an outdoor ceiling fan to help regulate the temperatures while adding some decorations to your porch.

Choosing the right type may prove tedious especially if it is your first time. Below is your checklist for choosing an outdoor ceiling fan.

1) Identify the Difference Between Outdoor Ceiling and Indoor Ceiling Fans

The indoor and outdoor ceiling fans may resemble each other in shape, size, and color. It makes a little bit of a challenge for you to pinpoint your preferred propeller for your porch.

The fans are all fitted with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) rating which helps you differentiate between the indoor and outdoor models. The dry-rated ceiling fans are for indoor installation while the wet or damp-rated fans are for outdoor use.

Outdoor types are designed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions allowing it last for long as the moisture does not affect its performance.

2) Consider The Price

The prices of fans range depending on the specifications, size, model and special modifications. The higher the cost, the higher the quality of the fan. So before making a purchase consider your needs, budget, and available funds.

To get the best outdoor model you may need to spend more as compared to when purchasing a one for indoor use.

3) The Control Mode of the Fan

Fans come with different controlling modes; remote-controlled, pull chain, wall socket control mode too. Control systems of the indoor and outdoor models are similar. Use the UL to determine which one is the outdoor use.

4) The Size of your Porch

While purchasing an outdoor fan, take the measurements of your porch to be covered to enable you to choose the best ventilator that cools the area effectively.

The available small propeller of forty-two inches comfortably cools approximately an area of 225 square feet area while the medium-sized propeller of fifty-two inches cools an area of roughly 325 square feet.

Do not forget to check the height of the room against the height of the model you are purchasing to avoid accidents which may occur if the propeller is hanging too low.

5) Reasons Why You Need to Purchase the Fan for Outdoor

Recent studies have found out that the use of a blower comfortably substitutes the chemical methods of keeping mosquitoes at bay.

Having an outdoor propeller allows you to have a good time on your porch. The blower keeps you safe from mosquitoes by dispersing the carbon dioxide (one of the gases that may attract mosquitoes to you) you exhale and other bugs that may distract you from having a good time in your immaculate porch as you savor the cool relaxing breeze.

6) Your Preferred Fashion Tastes and Preferences

The outdoor ceiling fans come in a wide range of styles available in antique and modern designs. The blades are wooden, plastic or metallic. Choose a style that matches your designs and furnishings of the porch. Also, consider the colors of the outdoor ceiling.

The wide range of available styles and designs gives you the opportunity to design your outdoor ceiling to match your house design be it modern or antique. Choose the best one because the propeller acts as an additional decorating artifact of the roof.

7) Are You Meeting the Minimum Requirements for A Fan to Operate?

The fan needs electrical power to run. Operation of the device consumes some electricity raising the electric bills.

To avoid paying hefty electric bills, choose a model which is modern and designed to consume less power while generating low operating temperatures even after working for long periods.

8) The Benefits of Purchasing an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Any kind of fan gives you cooling on your patio, but consider the advantages of acquiring the outdoor ceiling fan.

The outdoor models are specially built to survive for longer times even in the cold, damp and wet areas without rusting.

The outdoor ceiling propellers are rust proof and durable helping you save money in the days after making the purchase.

Besides being used in the porch, you can also decide to get an outdoor fan for the indoor rooms that get damp for example the kitchen and the laundry room.

9) The Installation Process of the Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Most models come accompanied by a clear outline of the installation process. Choose a one that is of high quality but has simple assembling and installation steps clearly outlined. It helps you avoid incurring additional expenses for professional installation. Do not forget the necessary precautions when handling electricity and electrical appliances.

The operation of the device is simple and does not require extra training.

The Bottom Line

From the above information, you can derive the reasons why you need an outdoor ceiling fan, and how to differentiate an outdoor model from an indoor type.

You have also learned more about the dimensions to consider while purchasing a fan and how to choose the best outdoor ventilator for you.

Get an outdoor ceiling fan for your verandah today.

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