Buying Guide: Choose The Best Outdoor Rug For Your Porch

If you have recently spent, a pretty penny, on comfortable lounge chairs and a dining table to entertain your guests on the patio; it is imperative that you consider complementing all this with a stylish outdoor rug.

A stylish outdoor rug allows your outdoor space to become part and parcel of your interior.

There are a variety of outside rugs to choose from, and with a bit of patience you are likely to find one that suits your taste and needs.

Today, outdoor rugs are specifically designed to reflect the trending styles found in floor coverings within the interior of the house; regardless of whether you are decorating the veranda, patio, porch, or the solarium.

How to find the Best Outdoor Rug

Below is a list of things you should consider when looking for the best outdoor rug for your home.

1) Consider the material used to make the rug

This is a very important aspect of rugs that must be carefully considered. You must check to ensure that that the material used to make the rug is of good quality and standard.

Nowadays, those who make rugs use both synthetic and natural woven materials; this enhances the durability of the rug. By using a mixture of natural and synthetic materials, the rug is able to handle different weather conditions.

You can use outdoor mats indoors

Because they are softer than you think, an outdoor rug can be used in high traffic interior areas. Natural fibers such as hemp, sisal and seagrass are sustainable, sound-absorbent, and sturdy. They also add a variety of textures to your living space.

In regards to maintenance and cleaning, synthetic floor covers made of plastic or polypropylene dry quickly when washed and can be easily hosed down. They are also light and can be moved around easily. These types of rugs are usually cheaper than the ones made out of natural fibers.

2) Consider the shape and size of the rug

Before embarking on a shopping expedition for an outdoor rug, it is important to take careful measurements of the area you want the rug to cover.

Fortunately, these kinds of rugs are available in a variety of shapes and dimensions.

You may also prefer using different types of rugs to define different spaces within and without your house.

If you choose to place a rug under your furniture, it is advisable that all the legs of the furniture sit on top of the rug, or have only the front ones sit on the rug.

3) Pick a suitable pattern

Muted brown outdoor rugs have been overtaken by time and events. Today, outdoor rugs are available in many colors. These floor covers come in patterns of all kinds including: stripes, brightly-colored solids and geometrics.

When choosing a pattern, it is important that you choose one that compliments your home’s existing furnishings.

You should also consider whether the rug will be visible, for example, a bold colored rug under a dining table may be interesting to look at when peeking out from under the dining table, but it may also be overwhelming if left to stand alone.

Maintenance and cleaning

The process of cleaning and maintaining rugs in good condition varies from one manufacturer to the other.

However, you can clean your outdoor rug using a hose, diluted dish soap and scrub brush.

Below is a brief guideline on the proper way of cleaning and maintaining an outdoor rug.

  1. Always clean both sides of the rug
  2. Dry the rug under the sun after cleaning
  3. Always clean your rug on a need be basis, that is, at the start and end of each season or on a monthly basis.
  4. In cold conditions, always store your rug.
  5. The best way to store your rug is to roll it up and not to fold it.
  6. Always store your rug in a dry place and cover it up with a plastic.
  7. You can maintain your rugs new look by removing algae and moss using diluted vinegar or bleach.

In short

How long the rug lasts is relative. Heat and sun might effect the rug, so putting the it in a covered area will extend its life. If you leave your rug exposed to outside elements year round, you can typically expect to replace it every couple of years. Some rugs are more long-lasting than others, and keeping the rug clean helps it last longer.

Cleaning. You can keep the rug clean by vacuuming it, or just shaking it, and cleaning the spots. For a proper cleaning hang it up and hose it off. Then let it dry thoroughly before putting it back on the ground.

Read the label. When buying a rug, check the label. The label should say that the rug is UV-stabilized. That makes it more weather-resistant, and resistent to fading, mold and mildew. 100 percent polypropylene is a good choice for material.

Indoor use. Outdoor rugs are a good option for indoors. They are affordable and durable, and they suit well for mudrooms and high-traffic areas.

Machine- and handmade rugs. Handmade rugs are naturally more expensive, but feel softer and are more like indoor rugs. They’re better for covered porches as they hold water. Machine-made rugs are are better for exposed areas, as they dry faster.

Skid protection. If the rug is slipping, add a mesh pad under it. Pad can also help air circulate, which helps prevent rotting.


Outdoor rugs can and add color, style and texture to your patio, and they define an area like indoor rugs. Because outdoor rugs are so good-looking and durable they are great for indoors, too.

In the past few years rugs have become more colorful and more contemporary. Traditional Oriental designs is always popular, but you can also find bold colors and patterns, especially florals, geometrics and botanicals.

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