Can You Use a Beach Umbrella As a Patio Umbrella? (Yes With Some DIY)

If you have a beach umbrella, you may wonder can you use it as a patio umbrella? What is the difference?

Sitting outside in your backyard garden or going to the beach for a sunbath are both relaxing activities. But regardless of what you choose for your off day in summer, you cannot think of enjoying either of them without an umbrella.

The main purpose of an umbrella is to give you rain and UV protection. But knowing which type of umbrella to use is still important.

You can find two types of umbrellas in the market that often confuse people; a beach umbrella and a patio umbrella. 

Can You Use a Beach Umbrella As a Patio Umbrella?

  • You can use it, but if it’s not your best option.
  • A patio umbrella can be easily placed on a ready-made base or stand to hold it in place on a hard patio surface. 
  • A beach umbrella usually doesn’t have a base because its thin pole is meant to be pushed into the sand.
  • The pole of a patio umbrella is typically designed to fit comfortably within the hole of the patio table. 
  • A thin pole of a beach umbrella does not usually fit correctly in any standard patio table or base (but you can fix it with some DIY).

A beach umbrella blocks the sun’s harmful rays during a beach day. A patio umbrella provides shade and protection while relaxing in your backyard.

Both of them are useful in giving shade and protecting from sun exposure, but is it possible to convert and use a beach umbrella as a patio umbrella?

Before finding out, let us know more about their differences.

Patio Umbrellas vs Beach Umbrellas

Both beach and patio umbrellas appear similar. However, if you look carefully, the fundamental differences are visible.

  • A beach umbrella usually has a pointed base. That helps it go smoothly into the sand. On the contrary, patio umbrellas may have a flat bottom pole with heavy metal umbrella bases for stabilization.
  • The beach umbrella pole is usually thin and may withstand mild winds, whereas the patio umbrella pole is thicker. That prevents the umbrella from snapping.
  • Patio umbrellas are less portable. They are heavy compared to the beach ones, which may be made of wood or light aluminum piping. 

Convert Beach Umbrella Into Patio Umbrella (Step-by-Step Guide)

Converting an umbrella is definitely a fascinating DIY activity during summer. Though these two umbrellas usually serve different places, it is still possible to convert them.

With the help of a few additional items and simple steps, you can convert a beach umbrella into a proper patio umbrella.

Materials Required

Even the best beach umbrellas have a very simple structure, so converting one into a patio umbrella will require the following:

  • Beach Umbrella: First item is obviously a beach umbrella that you wish to convert.
  • PVC Pipe: It will help in the proper pouring of concrete while creating the base. 
  • Concrete Planter: It will help in pouring the concrete.
  • Dry Concrete: The main ingredient for the base that anchors patio umbrellas
  • Rocks Or Soil: To increase the appeal
  • Water: To mix the concrete

Step 1: Gather Materials

To begin the process, you must gather all the required materials in one place.

Once you have all of them in the place where you’ll be working, it is recommendable to crosscheck the list once more. Then you can proceed further.

Step 2: Fix the PVC Pipe

In the next step, take out the PVC pipe and put it into the planter.

You must hold it firmly to make sure that the pipe stays straight and in the middle of the planter. It is advisable to have help from a friend to avoid leaving the pipe.

Step 3: Pour the Dry Concrete

Once you are sure that the pipe is stable and properly anchored to the ground, the next step is to fill the planter with concrete.

Spread the concrete after filling it halfway through. Finally, pour the water on it to let it seep in before mixing it well.

Step 4: Let the Concrete Dry

Let the concrete make its bonds strongly by allowing it to dry overnight. However, depending on the humidity, it may take longer. While letting the concrete dry, make sure the pipe stays stable.

Step 5: Place the Beach Umbrella

Once the concrete is dry, you can gently place the beach umbrella into the pipe. You can do that through the patio table or on its own.

Step 6: Add the Decor

Finally, end the process by decorating the base with appealing rocks and sand gravel. It will make it look natural and attractive.

The Bottom Line

Now, you can enjoy sitting under your self-made outdoor furniture on hot days. However, people may wonder, is there even a need to convert a beach umbrella into a patio one? The answer is, “not necessarily.”

One can enjoy sitting under a patio umbrella to spend time outside. But, you must know that modern beach umbrellas are versatile and durable. So if you are up for a creative task, this conversion process can be helpful.

Therefore, with these simple steps, you can convert your old beach umbrella into a new patio umbrella and utilize it in a better way.

But what about – can you use a patio umbrella at a beach? Due to their weight and rigid construction, they are unsuitable for the beach.

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