How to Keep Outdoor Rug on Concrete Patio (Helpful Tips)

If you have an outdoor rug on a CONCRETE patio, you might wonder how to keep it in place without moving or BLOWING away.

While rugs lend a sophisticated touch to our patio (or any outdoor living space), they can trouble us by constantly blowing away with the wind. 

Furthermore, if the carpet is placed on concrete, it might lose its grip and become slippery.

However, fret not! We have shortlisted some practical and effective tips for you to keep your outdoor rug secure on concrete. This will keep them from flying all over the place.

How Do You Keep A Rug On Concrete Surface?

The cozy and warm rug on your outdoor patio can fly away or slip and skid, causing safety hazards and abrasion on your expensive flooring. What a pity!

But how to keep a rug on a concrete surface? Use the following tried and tested methods to prevent slips, falls, and the rug blowing away with the wind:

1. Carpet Tape (Or Double-Sided Tape)

To keep the corners of your outdoor carpet or patio rugs intact, use specialized heavy-duty rug tape, double-sided carpet tape, or sturdy double-sided tape. 

To do so, just follow this quick guide:

  • Start by cleaning the area where you want to install the outdoor rug of dust and grime (otherwise, the tape won’t stick). 
  • Now, properly place the carpet in your desired position.
  • Start by taping each corner to the floor. We suggest putting the tape on the floor and then pressing the carpet corner on it.
  • If your rug or carpet is too large, consider taping the center of the rug to the wood floor as well.

Finally, just walk on the corners of the carpet and keep pressing them to ensure everything is in place.

The carpet tape adheres better to a clean carpet as well! Cleaning can be done in many ways. Using algae to clean the outdoor rug is one option.

2. Use Pots Or Patio Furniture As Weights

Securing the corners of your outdoor rug on the wall has never been easier. The plants you have used to beautify your patio or deck have found another use. Place them strategically across the corners of the rug.

Similarly, you can use outdoor furniture as carpet weights to stand tall on the corners to prevent the rugs from blowing away, curling, or being kicked around the corners.

3. Use Carpet Anchors

This is not a quick fix. This is a permanent solution to your outdoor area rug issues. Use a screw and washer to attach the outdoor rug or carpet to the flooring.

But keep in mind that this will also poke a hole in each rug corner.

4. Attaching Outdoor Rug To A Concrete Floor

Using a flooring adhesive to stick the rug onto the floor is advisable when wanting a permanent solution to carpets flying away.

Use a suitable adhesive and a flooring roller to ensure that you install the outdoor carpet correctly on the concrete patio.

Consider whether you will need to replace the carpet in the future before choosing this method of fixing. There will be a lot of work involved in removing glued carpets!

Sticking Your Carpet To Concrete Patio

As we just explained, it is always better and a more permanent solution to stick the outdoor carpet or patio rug to concrete flooring. But you might be wondering how to do that.

So, here is a step-by-step guide for you to follow to keep outdoor rugs on concrete:

  • Prepping The Floor:

To begin, we must prepare the floor to help the adhesives work their wonders. The following steps will ensure that the floor is ready for the outdoor rug.

  1. First, we must rid the floor of any dust, unevenness, and other deposits. So, use a floor scraper or a square shovel to prep the floor.
  2. Now, we will clean the floor using a shop vacuum.
  3. And finally, we mop and dry the floor, ready to stick the carpet or rug.

Now, we move on to the next step to place our outdoor rug.

  • Cutting The Rug

We first begin by measuring the concrete floor for reference. And then, we follow these steps to measure and cut the rug to be placed on concrete.

  1. First, we choose the area where we want the rug installed. It can either be wall to wall. Or it can be an area rug.
  2. Now use chalk to make marks on the rug according to what cut or size you might want for your patio area. Use a straight edge ruler for precise markings.
  3. Finally, use a utility knife to cut your outdoor rug according to the marks you have created.

As an additional step, you might also want to draw marks on the floor and align the carpet with the floor.

  • Installing The Rug On Concrete Floor

Sticking the carpet to the floor with adhesive isn’t as complicated as it might sound. Use the following steps to get the work done quickly.

  1. Spread a wide layer of adhesive glue on the floor. Spread it across nicely using a spatula or a trowel. Ensure that you finish with a smooth, uniform layer all across.
  2. Now, we will start rolling the carpet or the rug on this layer. Unroll it slowly and steadily. And use a flat board to press it against the surface.
  3. After finishing the whole roll on the desired area, you can also go ahead and use adhesive to stick and press the corners of the rugs again.

Just make sure that the edges of your patio rugs are pushed against the walls in case of a wall-to-wall installment.

Using A Rug Pad To Keep Outdoor Rugs In Place

Many people prefer installing a rug pad on the concrete floor. The rug is then installed on this pad.

This ensures proper air circulation. And unlike temporary and ineffective double-sided tape that loses its adhesive on the sticky side over time, these rug pads are quite lasting and protective.

Buy a jute or natural rubber rug pad and install it as per brand instructions.


Can Outdoor Rug Damage Concrete?

Concrete won’t be damaged by outdoor rugs if your rug is secured in place and you keep it dry.

If the rug gets wet, take it up and dry it out. That prevents mold or discolored concrete. Otherwise, the moisture under the carpet will slowly darken the surface.

Concrete surfaces may scratch if the rug moves. You can use non-slip cushioned rug pads to keep your concrete surfaces safe.

Can Concrete Damage Your Outdoor Rug?

Your outdoor rugs will not be damaged if you take the proper care when laying them on concrete.

Make sure the concrete surface is free of dust and sand. You can secure the carpet with a rug pad, adhesive, or any other method mentioned in this article so it won’t move. Ensure that the edges are straight and do not curl.

Is It Possible to Leave an Outdoor Rug on Concrete All Year?

Yes, you can leave your outdoor rug outside all year round. They are made from durable materials that withstand sun and rain.

However, when wet or dirty, they can develop mold, resulting in unpleasant odors and stains if not cleaned and dried. Use an outdoor rug pad to prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria from growing on your outdoor rug.

Can You Glue Carpet To Concrete?

You can glue the carpet to the concrete surface with floor adhesive and a trowel. The mat will definitely stay in place without the fear of slipping.

Especially on a large patio, gluing is not easy. The carpet always seems to stick to the wrong place.

And if you want to change the carpet later, removing the glued carpet is not very pleasant.


Keeping an outdoor carpet or patio rug on concrete can sound like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be if you use a rug pad, outdoor carpet tape, or great adhesives.

Either use quick fixes or more permanent fixes to install outdoor rugs or carpets on your hardwood or concrete floors.

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