Can You Leave Outdoor Cushions Outside Overnight? (Find Out, It Depends!)

Summers call for outside action. One cannot enjoy the heat without utilizing outdoor furniture. Hence, it becomes a must-have in the summer-ish weather. 

Outdoor furniture is incomplete without outdoor patio cushions. Apart from giving comfort to our sitting posture, they add a sense of royalty to the decor.

Outdoor cushions are supposed to be weather-resistant and enduring because they are kept outside for a significant amount of time.

But the question is “can you leave outdoor cushions outside overnight? Sadly, the answer is no.

It’s All About the Weather

You can leave the cushions outside when certain weather conditions are met. If the weather fails to meet these conditions, you will end up with moldy seats and bug-infected cushions, and no one wants that.

Of course, you can leave outdoor pillows outside only in a mild or dry environment. They can also withstand a little rainfall.

In addition, using a patio cushion cover will also allow you to leave patio cushions outside.

To avoid any damage to your outdoor cushions, check the weather regularly. If you can see clear indications of wet and windy weather, store patio cushions in a box or bring them inside. Leaving the patio cushions in such conditions would significantly damage them.

Can Outdoor Furniture Cushions Handle Heavy Rains?

As mentioned above, cushions can bear a little shower. But if you leave outdoor cushions regularly in heavy rainstorms, water will eventually penetrate them.

It will lead to mildew growth as moisture facilitates it. Hence, the entire cushion will be heavily damaged, and they will start to emit a bad smell. 

You won’t have to worry about the patio furniture because they are coated with waterproof layers, which protect them from rain, moisture, and morning dew.  

To prevent your cushions from being damaged, you need to take specific preventive measures:

  • First, do not leave outdoor cushions unattended over many heavy downpours. If you leave them as it is, they will start to show signs of wear.
  • Moreover, you should use cushion covers when the furniture outside is not used, or a downpour is expected.
  • After the rainfall happens, remove the covers and see if there are any pools of standing water underneath.

You can also use waterproof silicone spray to further enhance the water repellant properties of the cushions. 

Furthermore, the waterproofing spray or waterproof filler will help in keeping the mold and mildew away.

Effect of UV Rays

The UV rays from the sun are harmful to the cushions’ fabric color. If left in the sun for a long time, the colors might fade.

If you live in a hot, dry climate, you need to be extra careful because continuous exposure to the sun can damage your cushions

To prevent your fab colors turn into dab, you can store patio cushions in bags for short-term storage and easy access.

You can also use some coverings to keep the pillows nice and healthy.

If you look to store patio cushions for the long term, put them in an indoor closet.

You can also buy fade-resistant cushions to protect them from UV rays. Otherwise, look for a container that provides a steady temperature and moisture level. 

You should purchase storage bags that do not let heat and moisture get trapped inside them. This will result in better air circulation within the container (and the space where you store them should have proper air circulation).

Can Patio Cushions Be Left Out in Winter?

The winter season calls for snowfalls and freezing temperatures. They may sound beautiful but can wreak havoc over the outdoor cushions.

Therefore, it is better to store outdoor cushions during this season.We haven’t seen any winter apparel for the pillows.

Hence, if you want to keep using them during the winters or cannot store them in a suitable environment, you should at least cover them.

You can either keep them under a porch or tarp or conceal them under a table. You should keep cushions at least six inches above the ground if you do hide them under a table. This will ensure that they do not get wet. 

If you desire to use a tarp for storing cushions, leave some space around the edges for air circulation. You can also tie the cushions by the sides so that they don’t blow away.

If you live in a region that experiences regular snowfall, you will have to use storage boxes to preserve the cushions for longer use.

How to Keep Outdoor Cushions Healthy?

The mantra to keep outdoor cushions healthy is simple: either wash them regularly or store them inside.

Wash Cushions Regularly

You should wash your outdoor cushions frequently to keep them healthy. This will help remove the pollen, pine needles, and other dirt that may have gotten stuck to the pillows.

If you accidentally drop food on the cushion cover, wipe the spills immediately. Otherwise, they’ll develop into stains.

If a stain develops, clean it as the cushions may start to look dull. Prepare a cleaning solution consisting of 2 ounces of liquid soap per gallon of lukewarm water. Then, apply it to the stain and leave it undisturbed for some time. Use a sponge or soft-bristled brush to rub the tainted area and rinse it properly with water. 

If possible, remove the cushion covers and handwash them with 1 quarter-cup light liquid soap per gallon of water.

Keep Mildew Away

Most covers are mildew-resistant, but they can still collect debris and dirt. Since they are suitable for mildew growth, you must use a cleaning solution to stop it. 

There are multiple ways to clean the patio cushions with mildew, but here is the simple solution:

Spray white distilled vinegar on all sides with a spray bottle to clean the mildew. Scrub and allow the vinegar to soak in. Don’t forget to rinse with clean water and let the fabric dry in the air.

Use Storage Box

When the winter starts, it becomes necessary to store cushions. Plastic bags seem a reasonable option for cushion storage to most people due to their easy availability. 

But if wrapped tightly, it becomes suffocating for the cushions. You can also use cushion storage boxes or a fabric bag that facilitates air ventilation.


Outdoor pillows are a great addition to your patio. They may add beauty to the decor, but they require regular maintenance. Leaving cushions outside can further damage them. Therefore, you should clean them regularly. 

After reading the information given above, cleaning pillows will become a piece of cake for you.

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