Folding chairs are portable and lightweight products that can be easily folded, carried, transported, and stored. Each company that manufactures them have their own signature designs because they have their own patented folding chair plans. They are very useful in situations wherein you will need extra seats like weddings, birthdays, family gatherings, company meetings, and other indoor and outdoor events.

Since they are foldable, you no longer have to pile up and store plenty of bulky chairs in your garage or storeroom just so you can have extra chairs for your guests during special occasions. Apart from that, you can also save a lot of money because you no longer have to rent out extra chairs during events.

Folding chairs are also very handy and usable in circumstances wherein permanent seating is not possible and practical. You may want to have one when you will be taking a vacation to the beach, having a picnic with your loved ones, or when you are going to watch your child’s soccer game.

You might also need one if you go hiking, camping, and fishing. The good thing is that there are folding chairs that have added features like a cup holder and an under-the-chair compartment.

Although there are already a lot of commercially available pre-made folding chairs, you still have the option to create one on your own. The advantage of building your own folding chair is that you are sure of the quality of the materials used.

Likewise, you can also choose the features that you want to include. However, in order to create one, you need to have clear and detailed folding chair plans.

What Are Folding Chair Plans?

As similar to building and floor plans, folding chair plans are pieces of papers that contain writings and images that describe the different elements of a folding chair construction project. In simpler terms, they are sketches or drawings that have labels.

They are created in order to assist you in building your own folding chair. Thus, you no longer have to do several trials and errors just so you can build the perfect folding chair that you want.

Important Things Included In A Folding Chair Plan:

The images that are contained in folding chair plans include the different parts of the chair that you want to build. That will include the backrest, sitting area, armrests, legs, and other parts that you may want to include. Each part is also labeled so that you will be able to identify each easily.

Likewise, each part also has its corresponding measurement. That is important so that the folding chair that you will build will have the right balance. Good folding chair plans should also include the different screws, bolts, and nuts that you need to use in order to assemble your own folding chair.

A folding chair plan must also clearly demonstrate the step-by-step procedure on how you will go about with the assembly or building of the chair. It is better if it is demonstrated using images that also include minimal written instructions.

Through such, you will not be overwhelmed with so many sentences. Images are also easier to understand than long sentences of instructions.

The good thing is that you do not need to have a degree in carpentry, architecture, or fine arts just to have your own folding chair plan. That is due to the fact that there are already folding chair plans that are commercially available.

Choosing The Right Folding Chair Plan:

You should remember that a folding chair plan is designed to help you easily and quickly build your own folding chair. With such in regard, you must carefully choose the plan that you are going to get by looking into the different factors written below.

Characteristics Of A Good Folding Chair Plan:

An acceptable and helpful folding chair plan must have clear images and labels. As an obvious reason, if the images and labels are unclear, you will be having difficulties figuring things out.

Thus, it defeats the main purpose of using a folding chair plan. Likewise, a good folding chair plan should also have before- and after-images for each step.

Through such, you will be guided if what you are doing is right or wrong. That is because, at times, you may be confused with the steps. Thus, with the help of the aforementioned images, you can easily compare what you have done.

Through such, you can already see if there is a problem before even completing the project. That can save you time from repeating the procedure from start to finish all over again.

Functionality Of The Folding Chair:

In order to choose the right folding chair plan, you must also have a clear picture of the type of folding chair that you want to build. You must also consider where you plan to use the folding chair.

That is because there are pre-made folding chair plans that are intended to build plastic, wood, mesh, and metal folding chairs. Thus, knowing where you will be mostly needing the folding chair will help you choose the correct plan.

In order to help you out, let us look into some of the different types of folding chairs that you may plan to build.

Plastic Folding Chairs:

Plastic folding chairs are all-weather items because they will not be destroyed when they are exposed to water and sunlight. Likewise, they are also items that can easily be cleaned when drinks, food, paint, and other items will be spilled on them.

Thus, you can build plastic folding chairs if you will mostly use them for outdoor parties, as well as children’s activities.

Metal Folding Chairs:

Building metal folding chairs will be a great idea if they will be commonly used for adults. That is because they are sturdy enough to carry heavy weights.

However, they are a little uncomfortable to sit on. Nevertheless, you can choose to add a removable padding or pillow on them.

Wooden Folding Chairs:

Folding chairs made from wooden materials can meet the comfort given by plastic folding chairs and the sturdiness of metal folding chairs. However, they are quite heavier to carry. Likewise, their quality may also be affected by water.

Nevertheless, they can still be used for outdoor events, especially during summer. That is because they will be absorbing the heat of the sun.

Final Advice:

Having a folding chair will greatly benefit anyone because of its portability and functionality. Building one on your own may sound very difficult.

But, with great determination and vision, as well as with the help of quality pre-made folding chair plans, you will surely build one that you will be proud of.