Can You Leave Outdoor Cushions Outside Overnight? (Find Out, It Depends!)

Summers call for outside action. One cannot enjoy the heat without utilizing outdoor furniture. Hence, it becomes a must-have in the summer-ish weather.  Outdoor furniture is incomplete without outdoor patio cushions. Apart from giving comfort to our sitting posture, they add a sense of royalty to the decor. Outdoor cushions are supposed to be weather-resistant…

Can Patio Furniture Covers be Washed? (Guide To Best Results)

Laundry day approaching might have us wondering if patio furniture CUSHION COVERS can be WASHED. Or perhaps, should they be washed? If you’re looking for the same answers, we’re here to help you. Ahead, we’ll answer all your questions related to laundering patio furniture covers while maintaining their quality and texture. The first step should…

How to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture During All Seasons?

How to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture During All Seasons?

The changing weather has a massive impact on the condition of your outdoor furniture. Whether it’s windy, rainy, or foggy outside, the atmosphere can quickly turn your expensive patio set dusty, rusty, or cracked. For example, certain wood types such as redwood, teak, and cedarwood cannot withstand moisture due to natural preservatives in their composition….